Baby Love
Season 2, episode 16
Baby love123
Air date February 24, 1989
Writer(s) Jeff Franklin
Director Peter Baldwin
Previous Pal Joey
Next El Problema Grande de D.J.
Baby love

Baby Love is episode sixteen in season two of Full House. It originally aired on February 24, 1989.

Opening Teaser

In Michelle's room, D.J. and Kimmy show her a basket of Kimmy's new puppies and allow Michelle to pet them. They even get the pups to do tricks, and Michelle follows suit.

Plot Summary

Becky's sister, Connie Anderson, has arrived for a visit from Valentine, Nebraska, and she has brought her son Howie (who is Michelle's age) with her. Michelle and Howie become best friends, but when it comes time for Connie and Howie to go back home to Nebraska, it gives Michelle what seems like an incurable case of heartbreak.

The guys try to cheer Michelle up, but to no avail. On the next day, Jesse takes Michelle to his bedroom, and he plays a song he wrote for her, and he manages to coax a smile out of her, but she still misses Howie.

Becky takes care of that by videotaping Howie talking into the camera at the airport, and when Michelle watches the tape, the tape makes it seem like Howie is talking directly to Michelle. Howie misses Michelle just as much as she misses him. After watching the tape, Michelle feels a lot better, and Jesse comments that Becky would be a great mother.

Meanwhile, Stephanie has a hard night after watching The Wolfman with D.J. and Kimmy. Visions of an Isuzu-driving werewolf dance in the head of Stephanie. Danny tells her that he understands that she wants to do everything D.J. does, but some things have to wait until she is older, like watching horror movies.


Michelle: Howie no bye-bye.
Joey: Rebecca, you may be onto somethin' here. Fisher-Price Video Dating.
Danny: No, little kemosabe. No can go to Nebraska. Take many moons. (See Trivia.)


  • The first of three appearances by Becky's nephew and younger sister, Howie and Connie Anderson
  • The first episode with a new (more detailed) logo for Wake Up, San Francisco
  • The first episode to focus on Michelle
  • The above quote of Danny to Michelle is his imitation of The Lone Ranger's Native American sidekick Tonto; and "kemosabe" is the term of endearment that he often used when speaking to his friend, the Ranger

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