Bachelor of the Month
Season 5, episode 12
Bachelor of the month
Air date November 26, 1991
Writer(s) Tom Burkhard
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Nicky and/or Alexander
Next Easy Rider

Bachelor of the Month is episode twelve in season five of Full House. It originally aired on November 26, 1991.


Danny introduces Vicky Larson to the family, and Bay City magazine has chosen Danny as their bachelor of the month. When that issue is released, a lot of women start asking Danny out on dates. Because of that, he is out virtually every night, and Michelle misses him tucking her in at bedtime every night and reading her a bedtime story. So D.J. and Stephanie fill in for Danny on both counts. Even better, Stephanie gets her a glass of pitcher water from the kitchen, and D.J. locks up her dollhouse for the night and turns on her lamp (in lieu of a plug-in night light).

On Wake Up, San Francisco, Vicky accuses Danny of being a shallow date, even though she has never dated him before, and as a result, he asks her out, so she can actually experience a date with him. Later that night, Danny does a bedtime story for Michelle all about his date, naming himself as "Prince of the Month", rather than "Bachelor of the Month", to make it more fairy-tale like. As usual, he knows she's had her pitcher water already, so he does the honor of turning on her lamp/night light and locking up her dollhouse for the night.

When Danny and Vicky go on their date, Michelle and Teddy stow away in Danny's car so Michelle can be with Danny. A few minutes after arriving at the restaurant, Danny sees Michelle and Teddy sitting at a table close to the one he and Vicky are sitting at. Danny talks to Michelle, and apologizes for not spending much time with her lately. At home, Danny and Vicky share a kiss.

Meanwhile, in the attic, Jesse has finished working on a bedroom for Nicky and Alex, and it is now ready for them to sleep in. Joey and the girls notice that Nicky and Alex are keeping Jesse and Becky on their feet, so they arrange a romantic dinner in the kitchen for Jesse and Becky, who both end up falling asleep at the table.

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