Be Your Own Best Friend
Season 7, episode 21
Be your own best friend
Air date April 5, 1994
Writer(s) Story by: Marc Warren & Dennis Rinsler
Teleplay by: Tom Amundsen & Ellen Guylas
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Michelle a la Carte
Next A Date with Fate

Be Your Own Best Friend is episode twenty-one in season seven of Full House. It originally aired on April 5, 1994.

Opening Teaser

D.J. is having a hard time to get Nicky and Alex to eat their breakfast, because in their words, "it's broken". What they don't know is that their breakfast is bagels, which are supposed to have holes in them. She points out that if they didn't have holes, they'd be "hockey pucks". To demonstrate the point even more, she explains her bowl of Cheerios (not Oat Boats, though they're exactly like Cheerios in a way). Becky "fixes" the "broken" situation by putting strawberries in the holes, to which the boys are satisfied. She then says that while bagels are easy to fill, Cheerios are much harder.

Plot summary

Michelle is excited when her former best friend Teddy moves back from Texas and rejoins the class. However, she is faced with a dilemma when a "best friends" project at school forces her to choose between him and Denise.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey hit a snag with their radio show, as Joey's girlfriend Roxy returns for some comedy shows. Joey decides to take this time to advertise her shows, and he and Roxy end up flirting on the radio. Jesse, feeling jealous and left out, invites Becky down for a little attention-seeking revenge. Luckily, they work things out and apologize to each other.

Elsewhere, Danny explains to Michelle that she is allowed to have two best friends, leading him to use both Joey as his "old best friend", and Jesse as his "new best friend". He explains that both are important.

And just when Steve and D.J. have completely returned each others' gifts after she returned his CD, it seems that he has one more gift for her: a copy of the Fists of Fury videotape.

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