Beach Boy Bingo
Season 2, episode 6
Air date November 18, 1988
Writer(s) Marc Warren
Dennis Rinsler
Director Steve Zuckerman
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Beach Boy Bingo is episode six in season two of Full House. It originally aired on November 18, 1988.

Opening Teaser

Upstairs in Michelle's room, Stephanie has just finished reading "Cinderella" to her little sister, but Michelle wants to hear it again, and again. This, of course, bores Stephanie to death.


The episode opens up with the girls heading downstairs for breakfast first. As she pours cereal into everyone's bowls, Stephanie is just anxious to find the usual cereal box surprise, in this case, a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur. However, before she pours any cereal into her own bowl, she puts her whole arm inside the box to find it, and D.J. calls her out for it; but she just ignores her big sister and continues pouring, assuming it has escaped. The guys then come down (or up, in Joey's case) for their cereal, but when Danny eats, he bites on the toy and spits it out.

After Danny misses his chance to have the The Beach Boys on Wake Up, San Francisco that morning (as their plane is unable to land because of fog), D.J. ends up winning two free tickets to an upcoming concert in a radio contest, but then has to make a decision consisting of who she brings with her. She wishes she could take her family with her, but, according to the rules of the contest, she is allowed to bring only one guest. Naturally, Danny assumes that he will be D.J.'s choice since he also likes the Beach Boys. But, much to Danny's dismay, she selects Jesse instead, although she changes her mind later and tells Danny to go with Jesse (although Jesse tells her to go with her father). Danny says that D.J. is going, but D.J. corrects him, saying that she is not going since she feels it is not worth hurting someone else if they feel hurt or disappointed. In addition, she also says that her original plan was to go ice-skating with Kimmy.

Jesse and Danny then argue about who is (or should be) jealous of who, and Jesse says that he should be jealous of Danny, which Danny says makes no sense. Jesse says that Danny has something going on with the girls that he will never have. For example, Stephanie gave her ceramic handprint to Danny, Michelle's first word was "da-da" (which came after "cookie"), and when D.J. gets married, Danny will march her down the aisle. Those are three good reasons why he envies Danny, and he hopes that someday, he will have kids who will worship and love him. Danny thanks him for telling him how lucky he is, and when Jesse asks if the next thing he will do is hug him, that is what happens (much to the applause of the studio audience).

D.J. is sitting on her bed reading when the argument restarts. When Stephanie arrives, she volunteers to go, and Joey then asks what they'll wear. It then becomes an argument that involves the entire family, until D.J.'s phone rings. After everybody quiets down, Stephanie picks it up, and is surprised to hear who it is on the other end! But before even another argument can start up, Stephanie says the call came from right out in their driveway. That has everyone rushing downstairs, except Stephanie, who asks, "Did I miss something?", before she follows them.

In the end, however, everybody is satisfied, thanks to some surprise visitors at the Tanner house, none other than the Beach Boys themselves (who are credited in the opening, and whose appearance elicits applause from the audience). They allow the family to participate in their concert (which continues into the EP credits and the end credits).


D.J.: This concert was supposed to be fun. Now everybody’s either hurt or disappointed. It’s just not worth it. I’m not going.


The concert, although set in San Francisco, was actually filmed at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.