Clanny is the pairing of Danny Tanner and Claire Mahan

Relationship Info

Claire and Danny first met in Making Out is Hard to Do when Gia, Claire's daughter and Stephanie's best friend, hosts a make-out party at her and Claire's apartment. Danny, who has laryngitis, can barely communicate with Claire after Stephanie and Gia go into D.J.'s bedroom. Tired of this, Claire gives him a spoonful of medicine, and when Danny asks her what was in it, as he is able to speak after gulping it down, Claire replies that it is a family secret. The two are clearly attracted to one another by this point.

The two have their first date in Claire and Present Danger, as Danny asks her out for coffee. Stephanie and Gia revel in this, and they fantasize about Danny and Claire getting married and they themselves becoming sisters. Feeling left out, Michelle decides to act out and dresses like a punk to get attention. She is rude to Claire while out with her, Danny, Stephanie, Gia, and the rest of the gang at the Smash Club. Danny orders her to stop acting that way and tells her to change. After changing, he asks Michelle what the matter is. Michelle blames Stephanie and Gia, although it is clearly manipulation so as she won't get into trouble, and Stephanie apologizes, whereupon Michelle allows Danny and Claire to date.

Although Claire isn't seen again, Danny implies that they are still dating three months later in Dateless in San Francisco. He claims that, since it is his first Valentine's Day with Claire, that he wants to do something special. Jesse ends up planning a romantic evening for them both, despite Becky's reservations about what their going to do for the holiday.

Danny: "Hey, Claire... do you like coffee?"

Claire: "Well, Danny, I work at a coffee shop. I make coffee, I drink coffee, I guess you could say I pretty much have coffee coming out my ears!"

Danny: "Oh. Well, if you could get whipped cream to come out of your nose, we'd be in business!"

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