Comet's Excellent Adventure
Season 8, episode 1
Comet's excellent adventure
Air date September 27, 1994
Writer(s) Marc Warren & Dennis Rinsler
Director Joel Zwick
Previous A House Divided
Next Breaking Away

Comet's Excellent Adventure is the season eight premiere of Full House. It originally aired on September 27, 1994.

Opening Teaser

It starts in the living room, where the family goes on what seems to be an endless search for the TV remote control. They check the whole house from top to bottom and left to right, even the twins' room. No one has the courage to actually go up and hit the power button, until Comet comes in with the remote in his mouth, joins the family, and his teeth hit the power button. The TV comes on and the Full House logo comes out from the TV and goes straight into the opening credits (see season page).


The Rippers – Lanny, Gary, and Roger – are tired of Jesse's personal life getting in the way of how much time he spends with them, and they think that he has lost his passion for the music. As a result, they unanimously vote him out of the band. Jesse, who feels hurt, embarks on a mission to prove that he does not need them, and that he can succeed without them, and Danny and Becky are doing an episode of Wake Up, San Francisco at Aquatic Park.

When Michelle asks Jesse if she can walk Comet, even though she is not allowed to do so by herself, he absentmindedly gives her permission. While she is out doing so, Comet gets away from her, sending the family on a frantic search for him.

When Stephanie notices Michelle all by herself at the street corner, Michelle explains what happened. Needless to say, her sister's not happy. She explains to her roommate that she really messed up big time by taking Comet for a walk by herself, as she's also not allowed to cross the street by herself. Michelle then explains that Comet was chasing "a humongous wiener", to which Stephanie scoffs, "Yeah right, in a big giant bun." Michelle thinks Stephanie must've seen it too, but her sister asks her to stop with the "hot dog" joke because the situation's now become pretty serious. She accompanies her on the search as they cross the street, but not before lecturing her about how walking a dog by herself is a big responsibility. What they don't know is that the "humongous wiener" he was chasing is a car with a giant hot dog on it. He continues chasing it until he sees a lady dog at the corner and stops to see her at which point they run away together.

Meanwhile, near the Golden Gate Bridge, D.J. breaks up with Nelson Burkhard, the teenage millionaire that she has been dating. When Stephanie and Michelle arrive to tell her the bad news, Nelson allows the girls and Kimmy to borrow his limo to aid in the search. As soon as Michelle sees the hot dog car, the girls stop the limo and they all call out Comet's name but they do not know he is aboard a cable car with his "girlfriend".

Back home, Jesse and Joey are working on a one-man band that breaks down (and Jesse says he should've thought of long ago), when they get a phone call from Michelle regarding the search. Joey also helps as he, Jesse, Nicky and Alex endlessly drive around Coit Tower, where Jesse took many walks with Comet. When they drive away, what they don't know is that Comet and his "girlfriend" are atop the tower.

Finally, everyone joins up at Aquatic Park during the special afternoon episode of Wake Up, San Francisco and interrupt the broadcast in hopes that Comet is watching a TV somewhere so he can be reunited with his family. He is watching one outside an electronics store, and now knows what he must do and where he must go – home, as he abandons his "girlfriend".

That night in the backyard, Michelle holds Comet's pork rubber chop toy and squeaks it as Jesse walks out and sees that she is as unhappy as him. Her uncle assures her that it was indeed his fault for letting her walk Comet by herself when he was caught up in his business with his now former band, and he was not thinking right. He was worried that she could have been pulled up the street or gotten hurt and so on. After they hug, she worries that Comet will not come home, but he promises to plaster "lost dog" posters all over San Francisco and search for Comet night and day until he does come home.

Suddenly, Comet walks towards both, and they alert the family to this moment ASAP. Everyone hugs, kisses, and pets him, as Michelle asks him the question on everyone's minds: "What did you do all day?" And his "thought bubble" confirms that he was with his "girlfriend".


  • The episode title is a take on the 1989 comedy film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • The only episode of the series that was actually shot in San Francisco
  • In a rare occurrence, the title shot of the Golden Gate Bridge is used to open the episode
  • Stephanie sarcastically saying to Michelle, "Yeah right, in a big giant bun," when Michelle insists Comet was chasing a wiener, is a reference to the Oscar-Mayer Wienermobile (interestingly, Jodie Sweetin made her acting debut in an Oscar-Mayer commercial prior to being cast for Full House)
  • During the scene when Michelle is talking to Joey on the limo phone, she can be seen in front of a Hyatt hotel (see Gallery)


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