D.J. Tanner's Day Off
Season 1, episode 22
Full House 122 D.J. Tanner's Day Off 020 1 0001
Air date May 6, 1988
Writer(s) Michael S. Baser & Kim Weiskopf
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Mad Money
Next Cutting It Close

D.J. Tanner's Day Off is episode twenty-two and the finale of season one on Full House.

Plot Summary

When D.J. hears that Stacey Q will be at a local mini-mall to give out autographs, and knowing that it would mean meeting Stacey Q in person, she badly wants one, and will do absolutely anything, no matter what it takes, to make it happen. The problem is, the signings are scheduled to take place during school hours. So D.J. decides to secretly skip a day of school to get her autograph. She gets Jesse to mention how he once secretly and successfully skipped a day from school, and D.J. pulls that same trick on Jesse and Joey. D.J. and Kimmy head to the mini-mall and get in line to get their autographs – but they never expected Joey to show up because they didn't know that Joey had made plans to get the autograph for D.J. and surprise her with it after school. They take Michelle with them, and when Michelle outs D.J. to Joey and Jesse, they consider punishing her but immediately change their minds and decide to keep what D.J. did a secret so Danny thinks they can take care of the girls on their own. In the end, Danny finds out what D.J. did because of Stephanie (who also got D.J.'s homework at school for her), and scolds D.J. for skipping school and involving her sister in the mess (as the inspirational music plays), saying what she did was selfish. However, she remarks that she did not want to be selfish or hurt other people's feelings, and he remarks that she is better than that... a lot better. He reminds her to think things through more carefully next time. D.J., agreeing to do that in case there is a next time, apologizes to her father and sister for lying and they all gather for a group hug (as the audience applauds and the EP credits appear).


  • The first time Danny goes out of town overnight
  • The episode title is a take on the title of the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • The song that plays in the background when D.J. and Kimmy go in to get an autograph from Stacey Q. is her 1988 hit "Don't Make a Fool of Yourself"; D.J. also sings and dances to the song in the episode's first few minutes while using a hairbrush as a microphone


D.J.: Kimmy gets to go. Why can't I?
Danny: Because you're not Kimmy. I don't know why Kimmy's going, but there's a lot of things about Kimmy I don't understand.

Danny: D.J., come here. Why did you do what you did today?
D.J.: Because I wanted that autograph more than anything.
Danny: Do you know what the worst part is about what you did?
D.J.: That I cut school?
Danny: No.
Stephanie: That you tricked Stephanie?
Danny: That you were selfish. All you cared about was D.J.. You did whatever you had to do to get D.J. what she wanted, even if it meant lying and hurting other people.

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