Danny's Very First Date
Season 1, episode 17
Danny's very first date123
Air date February 12, 1988
Writer(s) Jeff Franklin
Director Joel Zwick
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Danny's Very First Date is episode seventeen of the first season of Full House. It originally aired on February 12, 1988.


The episode opens with a Honeybee troop meeting at the Tanner house. Linda, the hive mother of the troop in which Stephanie is a member, announces that it is the start of their annual honey-selling drive (a take on the Girl Scout cookie-selling drive) to raise money for underprivileged kids. Watching from the stairs is a "Honeybee legend", and it is announced that she has sold a record 725 jars (which still holds to this day, as alluded to by honorary "Queen Bee" Joey). And the "Honeybee legend" who holds that record (and other Honeybee accolades to boot) is none other than D.J. Everyone puts their "wings" together as she walks down the stairs and joins Joey and Linda. She picks up one of the honey jars and remarks, "Ah, memories", because they do bring back memories of how hard she had to work her "stingers" off to obtain a record that will most likely never be broken. She then tells the girls that while selling raffle tickets for a new color TV is easy, they have to work their "stingers" off with the honey selling just like she did. And she, Joey, and Linda expect the girls to "Sell! Sell! Sell!", as the prize is a brand new bike that immediately excites Stephanie; so much so, that she immediately rushes over to sit on it despite the fact she has not won it yet. When Jesse walks in on the meeting, D.J. shouts the code word "attack", which means to sell, and the girls are ready to do just that.

As soon as the meeting wraps up, Danny shows up and Linda's daughter asks her to buy some honey, and he does just that, buying three jars. Of course, that shocks Stephanie because she is anxious to get that bike. So he tries to alleviate the pain by buying ten jars. But before Stephanie can express even more disappointment, D.J. walks by, covers her sister's mouth, and is just as shocked that her father would only buy ten jars from Stephanie after buying three from the competition, saying that "This sweet young child is your own flesh and blood." So Danny ups it to 15, but D.J. decides to double the original offer to 20, and he settles on 17, to which D.J. says is a deal, as she remarks to her sister, "Now that's how you set records, kid." That, of course, brings Stephanie's total to 20. But that's nothing when Danny reveals that he bought 112 of D.J.'s record 725 jars.

Danny wants to date Linda. But there are two problems with that. For starters, Danny's nervous about asking Linda out because he feels that it may be too soon after Pam's death to start dating. And second, D.J. and Stephanie don't want Danny to start dating (not even immediately, either), because they think Danny would be looking for someone to replace Pam. As they talk about it in their room, D.J. mentions that if Pam were still alive today, she wouldn't want to see Danny dating someone else. Stephanie mentions that they want Danny to be happy, and D.J. says if Pam were still alive she wouldn't be happy. Stephanie says that she wouldn't want Pam to be unhappy, or Danny, or even herself and her sister/roommate.

Willing to respect his children's feelings over romance, a disappointed Danny calls the date off. However, after having a chat with Jesse and Joey, the girls confront Danny directly with the truth about how they feel. Danny assures them that dating doesn't mean that he's looking for someone to replace Pam.

Danny tells D.J. and Stephanie that he and Pam made an agreement that if something happened to her, then it would be okay for Danny to find someone to make him happy, and that if something happened to Danny, it would be okay for Pam to find someone to make her happy. D.J. and Stephanie give Danny their blessing to date Linda.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey try to assemble a small plastic indoor slide in the living room, in hopes that Michelle will play with something else besides "Benny" (the old dish rag that she's been so attached to).