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Danny in Charge
Season 4, episode 12
Danny in charge
Air date December 14, 1990
Writer(s) Stacey Hur
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Secret Admirer
Next Happy New Year

Danny in Charge is episode twelve in season four on Full House. It originally aired on December 14, 1990.


In the episode's teaser, before the opening credits, the guys put Michelle to bed on the night of her 4th birthday, but she's too anxious to sleep as she insists it's still her birthday; but they insist she's already tired out from all the partying. Once they're out of the room and the coast is clear, she discovers some birthday cake under her pillow and gobbles it all up.

While Jesse and Joey are in a forest to try to find a fox to film for a commercial, and Becky is out of town, Danny is at home by himself with the girls, and he sees it as an opportunity to prove that he is a "superdad." He promises to attend a school science fair that Stephanie has entered a project in. Later, he promises to see "Romeo and Juliet," a school play where D.J. will play Juliet. Danny then realizes that he has a big problem – both events are scheduled to take place on the same day at the same time.

All three girls storm upstairs, and Danny wants them to try to talk it out. However, tired of Stephanie ruining her life by getting Danny to go with Stephanie, so she decides to go sleep in Jesse's room across the hall, and all three girls are absolutely "Fine!" with that, and slam their doors in disgust. This leaves Danny completely speechless as to the dilemma he has just created, and the problem which he cannot find the solution to.

Stephanie and D.J. each try their best to get their dad to attend their event, but on the big night, Danny does not show up at the play, or the science fair. After the events, D.J. and Stephanie go home and discover that he had fallen asleep on Michelle's bed (while Michelle played quietly by herself). They admit to Danny that it was selfish of them to try to pull him in both directions at the same time. They then decide that after all the events that have happened that day, they would help cook dinner instead of him, for a change, and even ask Michelle to help out, to which Michelle replies, "OK, but I'm not setting that table, Mister!"


The episode's title is taken from the 1980's sitcom "Charles in Charge".

Danny's remark of "When life gives you dilemmas, make dilemma-nade", is a take on the proverb "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade", which means to turn something bad (or sour, like lemons) into something good (or sweet, like lemonade).


D.J.: Stephanie, I am sick of you ruining my life! I'm sleeping in Uncle Jesse's room!
Stephanie: Fine! [slams the door of her and her sister's bedroom]
D.J.: Fine! [slams the door of Jesse's bedroom]
Michelle: Fine! [slams the door of her own bedroom]
Danny: Michelle, why are you mad?
Michelle: I'm not mad. I like this game. Fine! [slams her door again]

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