Dateless in San Francisco
Season 8, episode 17
Dateless in san francisco
Air date February 14, 1995
Writer(s) Greg Fields
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Air Jesse
Next We Got the Beat

Dateless in San Francisco is episode seventeen in season eight of Full House. It originally aired on February 14, 1995.

Plot Summary

Danny prepares for his first Valentine's Day with Gia Mahan's mother Claire, and Becky gets excited about what Jesse will have set up for the year's Valentine's, but she is disappointed to find that he appears to be losing interest in being the King of Romance he once was. Becky thinks that Jesse has lost his romantic spark, and that they will not have a good fourth anniversary, until Jesse surprises her with a hot air balloon ride and a picnic.

With the Valentine's Day party coming up for Michelle and Teddy's class, their teacher, Ms. Ullman, has the bright idea of pairing all the girls up with the boys, and Michelle and Teddy are placed together. But their friendship fizzles when they try to be boyfriend and girlfriend, so they decide that their friendship should go back to the way it was before, as just friends.

Joey is having some relationship woes of his own; he has received a gift from a secret admirer, but he is afraid that it is from Mrs. Carruthers, who has always had a thing for him. However, the secret admirer turns out to be Ms. Ullman, which pleasantly surprises him.


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