Delson is the pairing of D.J. Tanner and Nelson Burkhard.

Relationship Info

It is revealed in Comet's Excellent Adventure by Stephanie and Michelle that D.J. and Nelson have been dating the whole summer. D.J. tells her sisters and Kimmy Gibbler that she is going to break up with Nelson because she doesn't feel romantic towards him. However, when Nelson discovers that Comet is missing, he offers the use of his limo, even though D.J. has already broken up with him. Kimmy passionately kisses Nelson, unseen by D.J., and gives him her various forms of contact information. 

In I've Got a Secret, Kimmy is finally able to go out with Nelson, despite the fact that he claims the two are friends. D.J. confides in Becky that she is upset, and Becky says she is jealous, and asks if she wants to get back together with Nelson. D.J. tells her that she doesn't want to get back with Nelson.

In D.J.'s Choice, D.J.'s boyfriend Viper breaks up with her. Nelson comforts her, and even calls him "Wiper" out of spite while out on a date with her, as the two decided to date again. However, Viper writes D.J. a song, which makes her want to get back together with him. Nelson tells her to choose between them, and D.J. asks for more time. Nelson has Franie Valli from The Four Seasons to sing to her, and D.J. is very touched. However, she knows that the fighting will never stop, even if she picks one of them, so she doesn't choose either of them.

Nelson returns for a final time in Taking the Plunge, when Kimmy announces to D.J. that she is going to marry Wayne. D.J. convinces Kimmy to stop the wedding while she and Nelson go there to reason with her. Earlier in the episode, Jesse had suggested that D.J. marry Nelson because she did not get into Stanford. D.J. writes the family a note, which Comet eats, and Danny and Jesse believe that D.J. has really gone to Vegas to marry Nelson. When they realize that Kimmy is the perspective bride, not D.J., they are releaved, yet, out of love for D.J., agree to reason with Kimmy and get her not to get married. Nelson's cousin also is a familiar of the Queen of England, and, in this episode, Joey was her date to meet the queen. Also, Nelson was going to take D.J. to meet the queen, and even loaned her a pair of diamond earrings.

Becky: "Do you want to get back together with Nelson?"

D.J.: "No... But I don't want Kimmy to have him either..."

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