Designing Mothers
Season 6, episode 11
Designing mothers
Air date December 8, 1992
Writer(s) Sarit Katz & Gloria Ketterer
Director Joel Zwick
Previous I'm Not D.J.
Next A Very Tanner Christmas

Designing Mothers is episode eleven in season six of Full House. It originally aired on December 8, 1992.


Vicky Larson introduces Danny to her mother, Liz Larson, an interior decorator who is in town to accept a decorating award. When Vicky gets a call from her office, Kimmy Gibbler asks Danny if he is going to marry Vicky since Liz is meeting him.

Liz gives Stephanie and Michelle's room a new look (from new beds to Michelle's name over her bed, and from new wallpaper to new colors and designs, and even a new table and chairs), which is OK with Danny. But he goes ballistic when Liz mentions the word "marriage" while referring to him and Vicky. It seems that he is afraid of any changes of that kind. Danny and Vicky have an argument, and she walks out.

Later that night, the girls decide they want to sleep in D.J.'s room, as they still have fear sleeping in their own room due to the events of the previous day. Referring to their newly-redesigned room as the "breakup room", they think Danny still feels miserable. But Danny is still as happy as ever as he leaves. However, the girls still think that he is miserable, and are in shock (as the audience groans over this).

The girls do not want them to break up, so the next day, Stephanie and Michelle fake an emergency, saying that Michelle's head is stuck in the backyard fence, as a way to trick Vicky into coming over to the house so that she and Danny can work things out. Vicky shows up with the fire department, and one of the firefighters tricks Michelle into showing that her head is not really stuck. When Danny shows up in a scuba diving outfit, Vicky talks to him, and he tells her what Liz said about marriage. Vicky assures Danny by telling him that change is not necessarily a bad thing, and that, like him, she is not ready for marriage yet. They decide to not break up.

Meanwhile, Joey and Jesse hear a rumor that Alison "The Axe" Axelrod, the new manager of KFLH, plans to fire everyone and change the station's format to classical music, but it turns out to be a false rumor.

Elsewhere, Kimmy wants Steve Hale to hook her up with one of his fellow wrestling teammates. However, one guy is seeing someone, another is not over his last girlfriend, and all of the other ones "know her," implying that she is no one's type.

Guest star

This is the first of two episodes where Martha Quinn plays Alison Axelrod (the other being "The Dating Game"). Quinn is best known as one of the original VJs on MTV in the 1980s.


The episode title is a take on the sitcom Designing Women (1986–1993). 

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