Jesse: "You know the rule, no dating my family!"

Diper is the pairing of D.J. Tanner and Viper.

Relationship Info

D.J. and Viper were first confirmed as a couple in On the Road Again. Danny is upset by this and tells Jesse; Danny ends up forbidding D.J. from leaving the house and Jesse kicks Viper out of Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets. In the end, Viper ends up saving the show and gains Danny's reluctant approval to the relationship.

In Claire and Present Danger, D.J. discovers Viper's illiteracy, and this causes tension between the couple. Oddly, Jesse helps out (sort of) by telling Viper to buy D.J. a funny gift. He buys and presents to D.J. a massive orange T-shirt which states, "I'm with stupid". D.J. is insulted by the gift, but Jesse brings the two together by saying that they make a wonderful couple and that they really care about one another and shouldn't throw it all away just because of a misunderstanding.

The two end their relationship in D.J.'s Choice when Viper breaks up with D.J. He says that their relationship is going too fast for him. However, after D.J. has resumed dating Nelson (see Delson) Viper is jealous and decides to attempt to win her back. He writes, and performs, a new song for D.J., which almost wins her over, yet Nelson catches them in the act of making up. Nelson hires Frankie Valli in an attempt to win D.J. back, but D.J., tired of fighting over her like she's an inanimate object, breaks it off with the both of them.

Viper is never seen or mentioned after this.

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