Dr. Dare Rides Again
Season 3, episode 8
Dr. dare rides again
Air date November 24, 1989
Writer(s) Rob Dames
Director Bill Foster
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Dr. Dare Rides Again is episode nine in season three of Full House. It originally aired on November 24, 1989.

Opening Teaser

In the girls' room, Danny asks his daughters what they should name the new puppy. Michelle suggests it be named after her, but Danny finds that both too confusing and too easy. Stephanie suggests "Mr. Dog", as it was an idea "shared" by her and Mr. Bear, but D.J. shoots that down immediately, sarcastically asking Stephanie if she intends to name her new child "Mr. Baby", should she have one, and Stephanie sensibly says that would not go hand-in-hand should the child be a girl (in which case, it would be named either "Miss/Ms. Baby" or "Mrs. Baby"). Danny says that the pup should have a name that fits its personality, like "Puddles". Heeding those words and taking that advice, D.J. herself decides to name him Comet because (in her words) "he's fast and he's got a tail", which seems to be his personality. Stephanie concurs with her older sister, but Michelle still thinks that naming the dog after her would be a better idea. She gets outvoted 3 to 1. So it is official: "Comet" is his name.


Danny and Becky are preparing for another Wake Up, San Francisco road trip, this time to L.A. for "Fashion Expo '90" and getting makeovers while there.

Once they leave, Michelle declares war on Comet, the newly-named family dog (see Opening Teaser and Trivia), when he eats her ice cream (when it was actually Stephanie's fault). Stephanie decides that Michelle would be better off trading with D.J., who, upon seeing Michelle's bowl, says that she doesn't want "a dish of doggy drool".

Meanwhile, Jesse is thrilled when his old buddy Pete Bianco, who he has not seen in three years, pays a visit and begins waxing nostalgic about the crazy things they used to do together. They talk about old times, particularly a time when Jesse was known as "Dr. Dare" and successfully performed a life-threatening stunt in 1983 – Jesse rode his motorcycle on the top ledge on the roof of the six-story high parking garage on State Street.

Initially, it is all in good fun when Pete teases Jesse about going from Dr. Dare to Dr. Seuss, but Jesse – who wants to prove that he is still in touch with his old wild spirit – feels that he is lost a lot of "action" in his life, so he goes to State Street and prepares to repeat the stunt as Becky and Pete try to stop him.

Guest star

Scott Baio appears as Pete Bianco. Baio is known for his role as Chachi, the girlfriend of Joanie (Erin Moran) on Happy Days and its spinoff, Joanie Loves Chachi (1982–83). He also played the title character on Charles in Charge (1984–90).


Michelle: All set, guys. Let's do it.
Jesse: All right.
Pete: All right, now. Listen up, everybody. I know that we said we'd never play together again but I figure if The Who and The Stones can get back together, so can Feedback.
Jesse: That's right. So let's hit it.
A woman: Feedback lives!

Jesse [to the band/friends]: Everybody, I'd like you to meet the love of my life, Rebecca Donaldson. And quite frankly, doesn't she look beautiful this evening?
Becky: Who's the blonde?
Jesse: Well, this is my old girlfriend, Donna. My old, old, old, old girlfriend.
Donna: Hi, Becky.
Becky: Hello, Donna.
Jesse: Why don't we go meet some people I haven't dated, shall we?

Jesse: Don't worry about it. Come here, I want to say one more thing. Kids, don't try this at home. Let's do it!

Pete: Hey. Hey, Jesse. Jesse!
Joey: Jess, get back here. This is stupid.
Becky: Joey, what's happening?
Joey: Come on, we gotta go.
Becky: Where?
Joey: I'll tell you on the way.

Pete: I gotta hit the road.
Jesse: I gotta hit the sack. I have to get up early tomorrow and take Stephanie's class to the fire station. Really living on the edge, huh?
Pete: Look, as far as tonight goes, you didn't chicken out. You just came to your senses.
Jesse: Yeah. Dr. Sensible. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?
Pete: Hey, Jesse, maybe the guy I came back here looking for isn't the same guy anymore, but so what? I like this guy too, you know? And I'll tell you something else. You've got a pretty good thing going here.

D.J.: Joey told me what happened tonight. I'm glad you didn't try that stunt.
Jesse: D.J., I was this close. I'm up on that ledge; I was this close, and I chickened out.
D.J.: Uncle Jesse, sometimes it takes more courage to just say no.
Jesse: Sounds pretty smart. Where'd you hear that from?
D.J.: From you... and Nancy Reagan.

[After D.J. goes to bed, Jesse plays a screaming, feedback electric guitar riff...]

Jesse: I still got it.