Easy Rider
Season 5, episode 13
Easy rider
Air date December 3, 1991
Writer(s) Jeff Schimmel
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Bachelor of the Month
Next Sisters in Crime

Easy Rider is episode thirteen of season five on Full House. It originally aired on December 3, 1991.

Opening Teaser

Joey and the girls are playing baseball in the backyard; with Joey batting, Stephanie pitching, D.J. as the catcher, and Michelle as the umpire. It apparently is on full count (3-2) until the very next pitch, which Michelle declares as strike three, while Joey contests and argues it was ball four. It gets into a shouting match until Joey repeats Michelle's call and Michelle repeats Joey's call, and Michelle accuses Joey of tricking her and tosses him. Eventually, he is let back in, and the game resumes, as he successfully hits Stephanie's next pitch.

Plot Summary

After enduring some teasing from the neighborhood kids, Michelle is determined to learn how to ride her bicycle without its training wheels, and Joey volunteers to teach her. During the lesson, she crashes into a bush and gets a scrape on her hand. So, she tells Joey that she does not trust him anymore. Apparently, D.J.and Stephanie also try to convince her not to sell her bike, and even also try to help, but their attempts fail as well.

Joey encourages Michelle to continue to learn how to ride her bike, and he convinces her to trust him. He tempts her with her own VHS copy of The Little Mermaid (her favorite movie), but that does not help at all. He eventually advises her that she has to learn how to ride her bicycle not only without training wheels, but without a grown-up at her back. He reminds her that riding a bike is hard work, and while she may have fallen and crashed into the bush on her first try, she has to get back up and keep going until she gets it right so she won't fall or crash into something again. She finally decides to trust him. The second time around is more successful, as she also wears safety goggles to prevent from getting hurt again, and he does not let go until she says he can, to which she continues riding safely.

Meanwhile, Danny begins to get intimate with Vicky after having a lot of trouble maintaining a strictly-business relationship with her. They try to keep their relationship strictly professional, but it is almost impossible when kissing is really the only thing on their minds.

Also, Becky and Jesse take Nicky and Alex on their first car trip, to visit Becky's aunt Ida, and they end up taking almost everything in the boys' bedroom with them.


[In the teaser, Joey and the girls are playing baseball in the backyard, with Joey batting, Stephanie pitching, D.J. as the catcher, and Michelle as the umpire.]
Joey: Joltin' Joey Gladstone is at the plate. Stephanie Tanner, the crafty right-hander, is on the mound. The wind-up, the pitch.
[Stephanie pitches, and the ball lands in D.J.'s hands]
Joey: WHAT?! That ball was outside by a mile! Ball four.
[They get in each other's faces and an argument ensues]
Michelle: It was a strike!
Joey: It was a ball!
Michelle: It was a strike!
Joey: It was a ball!
Michelle: It was a strike!
Joey: It was a strike!
Michelle: It was a ball!
Joey: Oh, so it was a ball. Thank you very much.
Michelle: Hey, you tricked me! You're outta the game!
Joey: WHAT?!
D.J.: You heard the ump. You're outta here.
Stephanie: Yeah, hit the showers!
Michelle: And wash behind your ears!
Joey: Alright, fine. I'm outta the game. I'm taking my bat and ball and I'm goin' home.
[He's about to do so, when suddenly...]
Michelle: Hold it! You're back in the game! PLAY BALL!
Joey: Play ball.
[He successfully hits Stephanie's next pitch]


The episode title is taken from the title of the 1969 Oscar Award-nominated film Easy Rider.


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