El Problema Grande de D.J.
Season 2, episode 17
El problema grande de dj123
Air date March 10, 1989
Writer(s) Rob Dames & Bob Fraser
Director Bill Foster
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El Problema Grande de D.J. (Spanish for "The Large Problem of D.J.") is episode seventeen of season two on Full House. It originally aired on March 10, 1989.

Opening Teaser

In the living room, Stephanie and D.J. are doing their homework, and using a plate of chocolate chip cookies as brain food. However, there is just one cookie left on the plate, and Stephanie is anxious to grab it, but D.J. stops her by placing her hand over her sister's, telling her that she has already had two cookies, so the last cookie belongs to D.J. herself. Stephanie says that one of the two cookies she was eating broke, so it did not count, and she is using that last cookie to replace the broken one. D.J. wants "Stephanie Judith" to listen, and Stephanie tells "Donna Jo Margaret" she's listening, but unbeknownst to them, Michelle enters from the kitchen, and tells them to "Stop it. Be nice." Taking that advice and heeding those words, they nicely offer each other the last cookie, but neither of them are willing to budge. So Michelle decides the solution is to take matters in to her own hands, and go ahead and take the last cookie. D.J. says that Michelle reminds her of Stephanie, and they can only look at each other as Michelle eats that last cookie.


D.J. has good grades throughout her report card, except for in Spanish class, where she was given a 'D'. D.J. asks Danny to talk to her Spanish teacher, Senorita Linda Mosley, about the grade.

When Linda comes over to the house to talk to Danny about it, what starts as a simple parent-teacher conference ends with an unexpected burst of passion as the smitten Senorita Mosley plants a kiss on a very welcoming Danny, and D.J. and some of her friends walk in on it. It is an event that the whole school is soon buzzing about, much to D.J.'s utter mortification.

It makes D.J. a target for highly unwelcome teasing, and she is absolutely furious at her dad for making her a target for teasing. D.J. is also angry that Danny did not get her Spanish grade changed.

Danny apologizes to D.J. for making her a target for teasing, and then gets her to admit that the more difficult the Spanish class became, the more she just gave up on it—because she thinks that she is no good at it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Malatesta gives Michelle a spot in a marshmallow commercial that Joey and Jesse have been assigned to work on. Joey and Jesse groom Michelle to star in the commercial. She is to sit on a cloud, eating marshmallows, and exclaim "yummy in the tummy." However, she eats too many marshmallows before the actual filming and is full when the camera starts rolling.

Also, Stephanie has gotten a good report card, but her teacher writes that she needs to control her being talkative in class. When Danny makes the mistake of telling her that she has to stop being a "chatterbox", and after she unleashes a "How rude!" about the comment, she takes his words to heart and stops speaking for about three days.


[In the teaser, Stephanie and D.J. are doing their homework in the living room, and using a plate of chocolate chip cookies as brain food. However, there's just one cookie left on the plate, and Stephanie is anxious to grab it, but D.J. puts her hand over her sister's to stop her.]
D.J.: That's mine. You already had two.
Stephanie: One of mine was broken. It didn't count.
[Unbeknownst to them, Michelle comes in from the kitchen.]
D.J.: Listen, Stephanie Judith.
Stephanie: I'm listening, Donna Jo Margaret.
Michelle: Stop it. Be nice.
D.J.: [sighs] OK, you can have the cookie.
Stephanie: No, it's your cookie.
Michelle: My cookie.
[She grabs the cookie and runs off.]
D.J.: You know who she reminds you of? You.
[They can only look at each other, as we cut to Michelle, who's eating the last cookie.]

Stephanie: Break out the root beer, boys — my report card is awesome!
Danny: [along with Jesse and Joey] All right!
Stephanie: [as she gives her report card to Danny] Three As, a B and a B-minus.
Jesse: I wish I got grades like that. I stayed after school so often, people thought I was the janitor.
Danny: Steph, these are terrific grades. But your teacher wrote here: "Stephanie is a wonderful student but she needs to control her talking in class."
Stephanie: Dad, it's not my fault. Kids are always asking me for help. And who can blame them? Check out these grades.
Joey: If you're always talking during class, you might miss something important.
Jesse: Yeah, like recess. Or reading and writing and fundamental things.
Danny: Stef, you have to stop being such a little chatterbox.
Stephanie: So. My own family thinks I'm a chatterbox? How rude.
Danny: Stef--
Stephanie: No, no, it's fine. From now on, this little chatterbox is all locked up.


This is the second episode to have D.J. and Stephanie addressing each other by their full names—the first being "Sisterly Love".