Fernando Hernandez-Guerrero-Fernandez-Guerrero is a character on Fuller House portrayed by Juan Pablo Di Pace. He is the ex-husband and current fiancé of Kimmy Gibbler, and the father of Ramona Gibbler.


Fernando married Kimmy sometime after the Full House series finale episode, Michelle Rides Again (Part 2), They got married right before Ramona was born. he cheated on Kimmy multiple times with some of the most beautiful women in the world

Fernando is still in love with Kimmy, and is currently engaged to marry her for a second time.




  • "Kimberlina mi-amor!"
  • "I am a Kimmy-a-holic!"


  • Fernando apparently cheated on Kimmy with "some of the most beautiful women in the world."
  • D.J. very obviously hates Fernando for what he did to her best friend, Kimmy.
  • Prior to his current occupation as a race car driver, Fernando was a women's hairdresser - which is how he and Kimmy first met.
  • Fernando wears a black watch on his right arm, even though, like Juan Pablo Di Pace, he is right handed.


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