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Fraternity Reunion
Season 3, Episode 23
Fraternity reunion
Air Date April 27, 1990
Writer Tony DiMarco & David Ketchum
Director Bill Foster
Previous Three Men and Another Baby
Next Our Very First Telethon
Fraternity Reunion is episode twenty-three in season three of Full House. It originally aired on April 27, 1990.


It is the night of a college reunion for Joey and Danny – the reunion of Chi Sigma Sigma, the fraternity that they were members of ten years ago.

Joey and Danny remember that the fraternity burned Danny's fraternity jacket when Danny messed up and unintentionally allowed a sorority, Lambda Tau Delta, to steal the stuffed seal that was Chi Sigma Sigma's mascot. The Lambda Tau Delta girls had tickled Danny to the ground, and taken the seal. Since the Lambda Tau Delta girls are also having a reunion, Joey and Danny see an opportunity to get the seal back from the Lambda Tau Delta girls.

D.J. and Kimmy Gibbler accidentally break the TV while trying to take it upstairs, and Danny tells them that they are not allowed to see each other for three weeks. Later, Danny and Joey head off to the reunion while D.J. stays home to watch Stephanie and Michelle. The two older girls play a game using the "Cup Song" and Michelle is anxious to learn it. D.J. decides to teach her something simpler instead, such as the "Patty Cake" rhyme.

In their attempt to get the seal back, Danny and Joey disguise themselves as women so they can get in to take the seal, but their attempt fails, and they are put in jail by a former Lambda Tau Delta member who is now a cop.

Danny calls D.J. and tells her to send either Becky or his mother, Claire, to bail them out. D.J. can't find Claire or Becky, so she gets Kimmy to come over to babysit Stephanie and Michelle while D.J. heads to the Powell Street jail, and hears that the Lambda Tau Delta girls have voted to release Danny and Joey. 

At home, Danny is grateful to Kimmy for coming over to baby-sit while D.J. was gone, so he takes a week off of her banishment from the house.


  • This is the last episode in which Lori Loughlin is not credited for the role of Rebecca.
  • Goof: Since the Seal was originally belongs to Danny and Joey's Fraternity, they shouldn't be arrest but the members of Lambda Tau Delta should be instead.
  • The "cup game" that Stephanie and DJ played, and DJ was about to teach Michelle, is also used in music, leading it to be also dubbed as the "cup song". However, there is a huge debate as to whether the game preceded the song or the song preceded the game. There are also variations in the game, where more than 2 players can play, players pass their cup to the player to their right (if they choose not to exchange; the regular game itself usually does not involve exchanging or passing), the rhythm speeds up each time, a player is eliminated if s/he goofs up, a new "round" begins after each elimination, and the last player standing wins. The girls' variation involved exchanging.


Danny: I can explain it all in just four words: It's all Joey's fault!

Danny: Jesse, were you attacked by a wild animal?
Jesse: No, I got thrown off my bike. It got spooked by a snake. Well, actually, it was a snake-like twig.

Joey (to Danny): It's up to you. Do you want to be fraternity dud or fraternity stud?

Prisoner (to Danny): Danny? I think I know you. Aren't you Danny Tanner?
Danny: That depends. Does that make you happy or sad?
Prisoner: You're the host of "Wake Up, San Francisco." I love that show! You have a big following in prison!
Danny: Really? Did you happen to catch my segment on Southwestern cooking last week?
Prisoner: Loved it!
Danny: Y'know, it's interesting, 'cause we don't like to make simulated cooking stuff. We really cook it on the stove.

Jesse (to Danny): Is that a pearl earring you're wearing? (pauses) Is there anything you'd like to talk to me about?
Danny: You don't want to know.
Jesse: Oh, well. I'm going to go wash up. I've had kind of a strange day. Although yours might have been stranger.

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