Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Season 4, episode 24
Girls just wanna have fun
Air date April 1, 1991
Writer(s) Dennis Rinsler & Marc Warren
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Joey Goes Hollywood
Next The Graduates

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is episode twenty-four of season four of Full House. It originally aired on April 1, 1991.

Opening Teaser

In the new office in the basement, Jesse entertains Michelle with his musical instruments, from the drums to the piano. But when she asks him to play the saxophone, it sounds scratchy, and it's enough to scare her out of the studio as she tells him, "You need music lessons."


Now that Becky is officially a member of the family, D.J. thinks it is like having a big sister to pal around with, in addition to having a motherly figure to talk about anything from guys to dating. D.J. wants to meet a boy named Ryan at a house where Kimmy Gibbler will be babysitting Aaron Bailey, but Danny, who wants D.J. to stay home to do her homework, will not let her go there, despite saying that she will be doing her homework and studying over there. D.J. decides to go anyway, so she asks Becky to cover for her, promising her that she will be back in 10 minutes. But 10 minutes turns out to be 30 minutes, and Becky can no longer find a way to cover for D.J.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey put a pool table in their office. Jesse, calling himself "The Kid," thinks that he can't be beaten in the game of pool until he learns the hard way that Danny is a pool shark, even going so far as to sink five balls in one shot (eliciting applause from the studio audience). Jesse then thinks that Danny can't beat him at darts. While he hits 20 points, Danny bests him by hitting a bullseye. Then, to show how low he will go as to not accept losing, Jesse bets Danny that he can't spin around in a chair the most times in 10 seconds, but Danny isn't having it.

While all this is going on, Michelle's new game is fooling people by telling them that something happened when it really did not. Stephanie puts a stop to that little game, and she ends up teaching Michelle a lesson about telling the truth with a twist on a classic story (see Trivia) and by turning the tables on Michelle when they get ready to eat some rocky road ice cream.

As this is going on, Danny comes up from his pool game and Becky comes downstairs. What nobody knows is that D.J.'s walking outside, and everyone sees this! When D.J. arrives home, she's busted and is even shocked that Becky would squeal on her. Even her roommate knows what she's been up to: lying, sneaking out, and seeing boys. She remarks, "Dad, where did we go wrong with her?", causing Danny to glare at her, and her to leave. Afterwards, Danny sends D.J. upstairs, and her scoffing to Becky is simple enough: "I thought you were my friend!"

Both grown-ups are just as shocked at this, and even though it was originally planned that Danny would be talking to her, Becky decides to talk to her after promising Danny that she will be stronger.

Upstairs in her and Stephanie's room, D.J. angrily takes off her shoes and sits on her bed, when suddenly there's a knock on the door. It's obviously Becky, and after being granted entrance and sitting alongside D.J. on the bed, she says that D.J. promised to come home in 10 minutes and broke that promise, but D.J. says that Becky promised she wouldn't tell Danny.

However (as the inspirational music plays), Becky reminds D.J. of her "official family member" status and that she officially lives in the house now. This means that, like the guys, she has rule power and makes sure that the girls follow the rules, including curfew. She says that she loves D.J. and the two of them can still continue to share secrets and spend time together, but she's going to have to be a more responsible adult and keep all three girls in check at all times, saying that it is a flaw in her that they are just going to have to accept. D.J. can only confirm that with the classic proverb of "Nobody's perfect." And indeed, that "flaw" shows that not even Becky's perfect.

D.J. admits that she took advantage of their friendship, and that the reason why she was gone longer than she said she would be is that she and Ryan were really starting to get along with each other. They hug just as the music stops, and Becky then asks how it went. D.J. says that when Kimmy locked herself and Jake Bitterman (from "13 Candles" and "Good News, Bad News") in the closet, it was smooth sailing. She added that the only studying she did was Ryan's eyes, dimples, and hair—none of which will be on her biology final. And that is what she needs to study for, as Becky reminds her: she will not do very well if she does not hit the books, and that is what Becky will help her with as they head downstairs (and the audience applauds and the EP credits appear).


Aaron: Hey! Those are boys. You’re fired, Gibbler.
Kimmy: You can’t fire me. I quit.
D.J.: Kimmy, you’re babysitting. You can’t quit. [She turns to Aaron.] Um, Aaron, what if we let you stay up late and watch Arachnophobia in your parents' bedroom.
Aaron: That’s a bribe!
D.J.: Yes, it is.
Aaron: [smiles] I like bribes.

Michelle: Hurry! Hurry! Comet's having puppies!
Stephanie: WHAT?! [She drops her sandwich on the plate and runs out to the living room with Michelle.] Comet's having puppies? [notices Comet] Wait a second, Comet is a boy.
Michelle: [in sing-song voice] Ha ha ha ha ha. I fooled you.
Stephanie: Michelle, sit down. [She sets her down in a chair, then kneels down to have a chat with her.] Let me tell you a story about a little girl who was watching sheep, and she liked to fool people by crying "Wolf!". But then, the real wolf came, and nobody believed her.
Michelle: OK, tell me the story.
Stephanie: I just did.
Michelle: No "Once Upon a Time"? [Stephanie shakes her head.] No "Happy Ever After"? [Stephanie shakes her head again.] Dumb story.

[Stephanie and Michelle head downstairs to the kitchen.]
Stephanie: OK, Michelle. Are you ready for the yummiest, most delicious bowl of Rocky Road ice cream you ever ate in your life?
Michelle: Rocky Road makes me crazy!
Stephanie: [as she walks over to the fridge] Alright. Here comes the almonds, the marshmallows, the chocolate chips, the... [She opens the door, but the ice cream's not there!] Oh no! All the Rocky Road ice cream is gone! All the ice cream disappeared!
Michelle: Call the police! This is an emergency! [Stephanie laughs at her.] What's so funny?
Stephanie: [in a sing-song voice] Ha ha ha ha ha. I fooled you. [normal voice, as she and Michelle walk over to the kitchen table] The ice cream is hidden right here in this duck.
[She opens the ceramic duck jar to confirm this.]
Michelle: That was a very mean trick.
Stephanie: I'm sorry, but I had to teach you a lesson. Now, you'll never fool anyone again. Right, Michelle?
Michelle: Right. Now start scooping.


  • The episode title comes from the 1983 Cyndi Lauper song of the same name
  • Bob Saget did all of the pool trick shots himself
  • Stephanie's lesson to Michelle regarding honesty was based on the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"
  • The second time someone other than Danny is tough on the girls; this time, it's Becky (first was season 2's "Joey Gets Tough")

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