Happy Birthday, Babies (Part 1)
Season 5, episode 9
Happy birthday babies 1
Air date November 12, 1991
Writer(s) Stacey Hur & Jeff Franklin
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Gotta Dance
Next Happy Birthday, Babies (Part 2)

Happy Birthday, Babies (Part 1) is episode nine of season five. It originally aired on November 12, 1991.


Michelle is very excited about turning five and getting the whole family to sing "Happy Birthday" to her many times. She is having a Flintstones-themed party, which is scheduled for that afternoon. Anxious to start it, she declares that it is time, saying all they need are cake and balloons. They try to distract her until the actual time, by taking her birthday picture to put in her baby book. They look through the book, which was started the day she was born. In a series of flashbacks, they recall memories of Michelle, such as her first diaper change ("Our Very First Show"), giving her her cough medicine ("Knock Yourself Out"), Jesse and Joey trying to style her hair ("Our Very First Promo"), D.J. tempting her with a cookie by dropping it into Jesse's duffel bag and getting her to find it ("Mad Money"), her first bed ("Granny Tanny"), her first punishment ("Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor"), her hiding Sparky the Dog in her now-former room, disguising him as a rabbit, calling him "Peanut", and attempting to trick D.J. by pretending it was she who barked instead of Sparky ("One Last Kiss"); her "Politeness Week" annoyances with D.J. and Stephanie ("Working Girl"), her first piggy bank, which was really D.J.'s to begin with ("Stephanie Gets Framed"); and even her and Joey playing with his "Popeye" doll and singing "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man", as well as catching Stephanie and D.J. in the act of knocking off the pole in Danny's room ("The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang").

After telling her about all their past experiences, Danny puts the photo that he just took on the last page, telling her that the book has come to an end. Michelle is afraid that she is about to lose her status as "the baby of the family," because Becky is pregnant. Michelle thinks that this status is what makes her special. Still wanting to be the "little princess" that Danny has always called her, she rips out the photo and says she is staying four years old, storming up to her now-current room (that she shares with Stephanie) with the photo in tow, and leaving the entire family speechless, shocked, and dismayed, all in more ways than one.

The family goes on a search for her, and it finally ends at her and Stephanie's room, where they find her covered under the blankets of her pencil bed, and all she can muster is, "You found me. Big deal."

But despite those words, the fact that they finally found her is not the big deal, nor is it that she is good at being the baby of the family. The big deal, as the family tries to tell her, is that she is special, not because she is the baby of the family, but because she is Michelle. To clarify the point, Danny assures her she will always be his "little princess", Stephanie his "little ladybug", and D.J. his little "tennis ball head" (to which D.J. replies, "Does anyone want to trade?"). In another series of flashbacks, they tell her about how they got her to do a lot of things, how she learned a few tricks from D.J. and Stephanie, and how she was always there for them.

Finally, she is convinced, commenting on how she is cooler than she thought. Danny tells her that she is only going to get cooler, but she has to keep growing. He asks her if she is ready to turn five. She tells him yes, but she still has to wait for her party. Becky suddenly stops laughing (as "To Be Continued..." comes on, followed by the executive producer credits), puts her hand on her stomach, and then follows the rest of the family out of the room.

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