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Stephanie and Harry at their "wedding"

Harry Takayama (played by Nathan Nishiguchi) is the first on-screen friend of Stephanie Tanner's, appearing in the season two. He would usually call her "Chief", and she calls him her boyfriend – believing it only meant a boy who is her friend. This leads to a pretend wedding in the episode "Middle Age Crazy", in which he dumps her when his mom makes meatloaf. In "Pal Joey" he has a crush on D.J., so Stephanie becomes jealous. His last appearance is in "Nerd for a Day", in season three, and is mentioned one last time in the season three finale "Our Very First Telethon".


  • He is of Japanese heritage
  • Harry is not allowed to cross the street
  • Harry apparently ditched his "wedding" because it was meatloaf night
  • It is reported he is returning to Fuller House.


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