High Anxiety
Season 7, episode 7
High anxiety
Air date October 26, 1993
Writer(s) Tom Amundsen
Director John Tracy
Previous Smash Club: The Next Generation
Next Another Opening, Another No Show

High Anxiety is episode seven in season seven of Full House. It originally aired on October 26, 1993.

Opening Teaser

Michelle comes downstairs to the kitchen with some exciting news for Danny. She smiles and lets him guess. Despite his guesses, it is not that she combed her hair differently, nor did she take off a few pounds. In fact, using her tongue, she tells him that she has lost two teeth, which she shows him in her hand. He says that they are two less teeth that she needs to brush, and she suggests he had "better call the tooth fairy and tell her to bring twice as much money", to which he can only hug and kiss her.


Michelle, who is in the second grade, is growing up faster than Danny is accepting.

As the camera zooms up to the window of her and Stephanie's room, she's doing her homework when she sees D.J. and Stephanie return from a trip at the mall. With Stephanie revealing she got a belt, a T-shirt, and a cat toy (despite the family not having a cat) and D.J. not revealing what she got, Michelle longs to emulate them and go shopping for her own clothes, but that is hard to do when Danny still treats her like a baby. She insists that shopping with Danny is like him asking her to try on new clothes and holding them up and saying "Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?" However, her sisters explain to her that that was how it worked when they were little, to which she replies that she's not a little kid anymore. When she answers their (seemingly) personal questions about her by saying that she doesn't wear makeup, doesn't like boys (by saying "Ugh!"), and still talks to her stuffed animals if she is not mad at them, they look at each other and determine she is still a "little kid".

Then, Danny comes in with a little green hat with a pink flower attached to it, and places it on Michelle's head, and says his own quote from above. But it doesn't stop there.

The next day, he then gives a valid reason as to why Michelle can't buy her own lunch at school like her sisters, and it's because he's afraid she'll lose her lunch money, and at her age, the odds of that happening are pretty high. He even jokingly points out about the grape jelly smile he puts on her peanut butter sandwich. He then puts the hat on her head, and then on her way to school, she sees Comet, and puts the hat on his head, and soon it's her turn to say Danny's quote.

As Michelle grows more and more frustrated with Danny's overbearing nature, it gets to a point where she finally snaps, and angrily tells him to stop treating her like a baby. It is clear that both father and daughter have some changes to make. Danny realizes that he needs to let go and start letting the girls grow up as they get older, so he talks to Michelle, and admits that he has a hard time letting go. So, he promises to start treating her like a big girl.

For example, while at school, as she, Derek, and Denise play Frisbee at recess, Derek manages to toss it so high it lands on a backstop. Denise volunteers to get it down for him, and later, so does Michelle. In both cases, Danny is able to coax each of them down. However, in Michelle's case, as soon as she is up there and she manages to get the Frisbee down, she starts suffering from acrophobia, or the fear of heights. So, like the same way with Denise (and as the inspirational music plays), he does treat her like a big girl and reminds her to come down the exact way she went up – but going really slowly. Taking his advice of it "being a ladder", she does get down, with his guidance. Like with Denise, he reminds her the backstop has metal poles to both support her feet and to help her on her way down. As soon as she is back on her feet, this elicits applause from her classmates (and the studio audience). Father and daughter kiss and hug (and the audience "aw"s at the emotional moment). With a happy ending, they decide to go ahead and go home.

Meanwhile, Jesse is overwhelmed by the fact that he has so many decisions to make about needs for The Smash Club. This gets to the point where he is struggling to make even the most minuscule decisions about the club. As a result, the living room is soon crowded with some unconventional new "furniture"; in fact, toilets of every design and color possible. Everyone, including Steve and Kimmy agree that colors need to show emotion.


  • Stephanie's hair is different from this episode onward
  • Derek's "a great man who said that 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself'" is a reference to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd U.S. President (1933–1945), and the famous line from his inaugural address
  • "High anxiety" is an actual term (although non-technical) referring to a state of extreme fear (It's also the title of a 1977 Mel Brooks film)
  • The opening teaser to this episode is similar to the subplot of "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (in 22 Minutes)" (season 3), where Stephanie loses just one tooth and actually does find tooth fairy money under her pillow; $20, to be exact (when it should've been just $1, as Danny put the wrong bill there)

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