I've Got a Secret
Season 8, episode 4
I've got a secret
Air date October 18, 1994
Writer(s) Ellen Guylas
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Making Out is Hard to Do
Next To Joey, With Love

I've Got a Secret is episode four in season eight of Full House. It originally aired on October 18, 1994.


Michelle joins a secret club and they all take an oath to not tell anyone about it, and anyone who tells gets kicked out of the club. When they have a discussion about how to become leader of the club, they decided they have to get a special toy. When Michelle asks Danny for some money, she won't get any until she tells him the reason why she wants some. She then tells him about the secret club. When the members have a club meeting, Danny accidentally reveals that he knows about the club, and Michelle gets kicked out.

Seeing his youngest daughter mad at him because of the mistake he made makes Danny feel regretful. With that, he, Jesse and Joey set out to find the toy that would get her back in the club. When the store opens, they're unable to get the toy because of how popular it is. But luckily, they find a street merchant and buy one from him. However, when Michelle gets back in the club, it turns out that the toy they bought from the street merchant is a rip-off and not the real thing. Danny ends up getting Michelle back into the club anyway.

Meanwhile, Kimmy is dating Nelson on the rebound, and it's making D.J. jealous. Also, Becky finds an old T-shirt that was given to Jesse years ago by a woman that Jesse was almost engaged to.


The episode title is taken from the classic game show I've Got a Secret.


Danny: [turns to Michelle as she walks downstairs and into the kitchen] Hey, honey, how’s it going?
Michelle: I’d tell you, but you’d blab.
Joey: Can’t you just call your friends and apologize?
Michelle: I called Derek. He said I should “find a new social circle”. [she walks over to Comet and pets him] Come on, Comet. We’ll start our own circle. [Comet barks as though in agreement]
Danny: [as Michelle leaves the kitchen with Comet] Well, there goes my Father of the Year Award.

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