Irene Katsopolis (Irene Cochran in Season 1) is Jesse and Pam's mother, and the wife of Nick Katsopolis. She often talks about diapering Jesse's "tushy", which irritates Jesse. Other times, she talks about Jesse's childhood and what he was like as a kid. She is played by Rhoda Gemignani in season one's "The Return of Grandma" (shown in the middle in photo to the right), and by Yvonne Wilder during the remainder of the show. Most of her appearances are in season two, and one last appearance at her son's wedding in season four. In the season five episode "Yours, Mine and Ours", she can be heard squealing on the phone, arguing with Rebecca's mother about how Jesse and Rebecca should raise Nicky and Alex.


"Whoever designed these airplane bathrooms was not wearing pantyhose." —Irene Katsopolis on "Our Very First Christmas Show"


In the Fuller House episode "Wedding or Not Here We Come", Nick tells his great-grandson, Tommy, that he is going to be his granny magnet. It is unknown whether this means that Irene died or that they have divorced.