Jingle Hell
Season 2, episode 5
Jingle hell
Air date November 11, 1988
Writer(s) Marc Warren
Dennis Rinsler
Director Peter Baldwin
Previous D.J.'s Very First Horse
Next Beach Boy Bingo

Jingle Hell is episode five in season two on Full House. It originally aired on November 11, 1988.

Opening Teaser

In her room, D.J. and Michelle are looking at a picture of Patrick Swayze in a magazine, to which D.J. asks Michelle if he's cute. Michelle's mouth drops wide open, at which point D.J. blows a bubble with her bubble gum, and Michelle pops it...finding it funny, but D.J. doesn't find that funny. All Michelle can say about that is "Yuck".


Jesse is having problems with an advertising jingle that he's been hired to write for "Fred's Tire Town." When Joey gives him the inspiration he needs in order to write it, the result is that it is bought. That bit of success leads to Jesse making an offer to Joey—he wants him to be his writing partner. Joey accepts the offer, but under one condition: he can't wear a cat suit...not even just ears and a tail, and no other cat-related props, not even a six-foot ball of yarn. But when he gives the "Kitty Krispies" cat food jingle "the Joey treatment," and the jingle is not bought, a feud erupts between them (especially when Joey tells Jesse that he didn't wear a cat suit, but Jesse said he did have a cat suit...on his hand), but they work things out, and decide to remain partners.

Meanwhile, D.J. and Stephanie are feuding because of the one thing that has made them fight: Stephanie's constant breaking of the rules from the series premiere.

As a reminder, "rule #1" is to never touch D.J.'s stuff, and Stephanie is always breaking this rule by messing up D.J.'s things. And the only way to do that is to break "rule #2", and that is to never set foot on D.J.'s side of the room.

For example, when D.J., having returned from karate practice, catches Stephanie and Harry playing on her side of the room and even on her bed (a "rule #2" violation on both counts), she gets them up off her bed, threatens to do a chop on them as she is pumped, and reminds them to leave her stuff alone. And speaking of her stuff, while she was away, Stephanie and Harry were playing "house" and having a pretend tea party with her tea party set (a "rule #1" violation). Stephanie just scoffs that D.J.'s jealous of her because she has a boyfriend and D.J. does not (eliciting an "OH!" from the audience), saying that Harry is a "boy" and he is her "friend", to which D.J. says she's dreaming about her "boyfriend"; to Stephanie, however, that dream is reality. As they continue their tea party, D.J. remarks that she's never having kids.

Then later, she catches them again...this time, both eating orange ice cream bars that were reserved for her and Kimmy...and the kicker: their names were written on the wrapper. Stephanie tries to give D.J. back the ice cream bar she was eating, expecting her to finish it; however, D.J. obviously knows the damage has already been done and obviously is not going to finish an already-eaten ice cream bar, despite the fact that the wrapper has her and her best friend's names. She already warned Stephanie, but now she is ready to revoke Stephanie's "Get Out of Jail Free card" and make her pay the ultimate price for her actions.

D.J. is out to teach Stephanie a lesson about not following the rules, and warns her that she won't know when it's coming or how it's coming, but what she will know is that it's coming. Since Stephanie's always messing with D.J.'s stuff, D.J. decides to return the favor, starting with tying all of Stephanie's shoes together by the laces while she is not wearing them, and that Stephanie is to untie those shoes starting with the little white sneaker at the bottom and working her way up to the top. This coincides with Joey and Jesse's feud as mentioned above, when both come back from their jingle session. Like the guys, the girls too kiss and make up, learning the important rule of "Never walk away angry".

Elsewhere, Danny takes on the daunting task of toilet-training Michelle.


The episode title is a take on the Christmas carol "Jingle Bells".


[In the teaser, we find Michelle and D.J. in her room, looking in a magazine at a picture of Patrick Swayze.]
D.J.: Isn't Patrick Swayze cute?
[Michelle's mouth drops open, as D.J. blows a bubble with her bubble gum. Michelle then pops the bubble, and finds that...]
Michelle: Funny.
D.J.: [about Michelle popping her bubble gum] Not funny.
Michelle: [about the popped bubble gum] Yuck.

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