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Joey Gets Tough
Season 2, episode 7
Joey gets tough123
Air date November 25, 1988
Writer(s) Lenny Ripps
Director Jeff Franklin
Previous Beach Boy Bingo
Next Triple Date
Joey gets tough

Joey Gets Tough is episode seven in season two of Full House. It originally aired on November 25, 1988.

Opening Teaser

In his room, Jesse is working out with some dumbbells, and right next to him is Michelle, who is working out with some dumbbells that are her size. He shows off his muscles and asks her to do the same. Finally, he proudly proclaims that, "By day, she's a mere toddler; but by night, Superbaby!", and flies her around the room like Superman.


While Danny and Jesse are at the TV station, Joey is left in charge of the girls. D.J. and Stephanie want to stay up late so they can watch a Tiffany concert on TV (see Trivia for info on her). When Danny comes home and notices that they are up late, he tells Joey that whenever he is in charge of the girls, he needs to make sure they follow the rules of the house.

The following day, D.J. arrives home from school an hour late without telling Joey that she was with friends, practicing for an hour for an upcoming karate tournament. Joey grounds D.J. for the weekend when the karate tournament is scheduled to take place. D.J. becomes furious, angrily reminding Joey that he is not her father. She then storms off upstairs, leaving Joey completely shocked, speechless, and depressed.

The next day, just when D.J. is about to head off to school, Joey says he made her lunch and tries to give it to her, but after the events of the previous day, she says that she will be purchasing her meal at school so as to avoid another head-butting between the two of them. All he can muster in response to that is for her to "Have a nice day", to which she replies, "I intend to". At that point, her ride, Kimmy's mom, arrives. So Stephanie takes D.J.'s lunch instead, and Joey is still shocked, speechless and depressed after what he has done to her. But instead of dropping her off at school, Kimmy's mom drops her off at the TV studio, so that she and Danny can have a talk. Danny decides the talk will have to wait until after she gets off school and he gets off work. In the meantime, Jesse decides to take his niece to school.

Later, after D.J. tells Danny what had happened, they have a family meeting about it – along with Stephanie and Jesse – complete with a baseball bat as a "talking stick" (which they intend to use to help each other rather than hurt – or they hope so, anyway). There's just one simple rule that everyone has to follow, and that is: Only the person who holds the "talking stick" can talk, and everyone else has to listen and hear that person out.

But it turns out the "talking stick" is hurting everyone emotionally rather than physically, and the "talking stick" itself and its idea both turn into a fight that Joey does not want to be a part of. And the minute it gets out of control, he grabs the "talking stick" out of Danny's hand and asks everyone to stop fighting, arguing, and pretty much going at each other's throats, and listen to his side of the story and hear him out. Joey states that the girls would respect him more if he puts his foot down, but because of what happened between him and D.J. she hates him and his foot, and this all started when he tried to be "Mr. Discipline". He even mentions that his own family had fights of their own, and he didn't want to go through that again.

Jesse feels a little sorry for Joey, but says that almost every family has their fights, giving an example that even Herman and Eddie Munster (see Trivia) had fights, and Danny points out that the love and fun go together with the responsibility and discipline, and that when Joey is in the family, he is in all the way. Danny says that Joey did the right thing and D.J. deserves to be grounded.

D.J., hoping that they're happy because they support Joey's argument and not hers because she is not happy about it, then heads up to her and Stephanie's room, and Joey follows after her, after it was decided initially that Danny would talk to her.

There, after she puts away her karate outfit in the closet (because of the punishment he gave her), and he knocks on the door, he explains to D.J. that they have been great buddies and known each other since she was born, and he was sobbing hysterically over her birth, and that Pam would have wanted to name her "Farrah Jo" instead of "Donna Jo", as he did not want to name her after a hairstyle (see Trivia). Again, he reminds her that they have been great buddies, but when he became more "parent-like" that changed. He says (as inspirational music plays) that he was worried that, after school, during the hour when he did not know where she was at, he was scared to death that something bad might have happened to her; like she might have gotten hurt, for example. D.J. apologizes and agrees that she should have called and told Joey that she was going to be home later than usual. They give each other a hug, and she says that if it had not been for him, she would be "Farrah Jo Tanner". So Joey agrees to let her compete in the karate tournament, but she is still grounded for a different particular, next weekend. This makes her remind him that she and Kimmy would be going horseback riding next week, but that was just a joke. They hug, and he leaves (as the studio audience applauds).

Meanwhile, Jesse and the Rippers appear on Wake Up, San Francisco, where their appearance is changed a little when Becky suggests to Danny's boss, Mr. Strowbridge, that Danny could sing with the band, which Mr. Strowbridge takes a liking to.


[At the family meeting, Stephanie decides to review the rules with everyone.]
Danny: Okay, we have a family problem. That means we have a family meeting. Now, who'd like to review the rules?
Stephanie: Me, me, me.
Danny: Stephanie.
Stephanie: [holding up the "talking stick" (a baseball bat)] This is the talking stick. Only the person that holds it can talk. OK? [Everyone nods.] Now that I have your attention, Christmas will be coming soon. I'm getting bigger, my bike is getting smaller.
Danny: Thank you, Stephanie. Now, who would like to start?
D.J.: I'll start. [She takes the "talking stick".] Dad, Joey had no right to try to ground me when I have a karate tournament. Dad, tell Joey he can't do that.
Danny: [taking the "talking stick" from her] D.J., you know that when I'm not here, I turn over all responsibility for you three girls to Jesse and Joey.
D.J.: Dad, that punishment is way too unfair.
Stephanie: [notices D.J. doesn't have the "talking stick"] Cheating. No stick. [Everyone else shushes her, and then she says softly.] That wasn't talking, that was explaining.
Danny: I think the reason this is so hard for you is it's the first time Joey's put his foot down.
Jesse: [snaps his fingers and motions for Danny to hand over the "talking stick"] I have to say that I side with Joseph 100%. You do the crime, you do the time. You pay the piper, you face the music. Man, you got to bite the bu-- I've been watching too many old movies.
[He sits down and then puts down the "talking stick", at which point D.J. picks it back up.]
D.J.: This meeting is not fair. Everyone's against me. Dad, do something.
Danny: [taking the "talking stick" from her] Joey's decision is final.
D.J.: How can you do this to me?
Danny: I'm not doing anything to you.
Jesse: D.J., you should have called.
D.J.: But it's not fair.
Danny: That's exactly why you should've called. Joey was in charge.
[The tensions really start rising and things really start heating up, causing Joey to finally take control of the "talking stick".]
Joey: STOP IT! [They do.] I hate to see everyone fighting. Now, just sit and listen to what I have to say. [Everyone else complies.] Danny, you told me that if I put my foot down, the girls would respect me. Now D.J. hates me and my foot.
Danny: D.J. was the one who came in late without calling. Why are you blaming yourself?
Joey: Because this whole thing started when I tried to be "Mr. Discipline". That's not me. The best part about being in this family is all the love and all the great times we have together. My family was always fighting. I don’t wanna go through that again.
Jesse: Well, Joseph, there’s no such thing as a family that doesn’t fight. I mean, even Herman Munster yelled at poor little Eddie once in a while.
Danny: Look, Joey...the love, the fun, the responsibility, the discipline, they all go together. When you're in this family, you're in all the way. You did the right thing. D.J. deserved to be punished. Am I right, D.J.?
D.J.: Okay, I give up. I won't go to my karate tournament. But if you're waiting for me to be happy about it, it won't happen.
[She makes her way upstairs, still very unhappy with what has happened so far.]
Danny: I'll go talk to her.
Joey: No, I'll go talk to her.
[It seems that during the meeting, Stephanie took note of everyone who talked without the "talking stick".]
Stephanie: I have here the names of everyone who talked without the stick. Uncle Jesse, me, Daddy, me again--[Jesse and Danny immediately rush over and tickle her.]

Joey: [to D.J.] Well, I did you a big favor that day. Do you remember?
D.J.: Joey, I was a day old.
Joey: Well, I remember. Your mom and dad wanted to name you Farrah.
D.J.: Farrah?
Joey: I said, “Hey, we can’t name her after a hairstyle”.
D.J.: That was close.

D.J.: [to Joey] Hey, if it weren’t for you, I’d be Farrah Jo Tanner.
Both: Ew!


  • Tiffany (full name: Tiffany Darwish) was a teen pop star (with her first hit in 1987)
  • Jesse's mention of Herman Munster (and Eddie) is a reference to the '60s sitcom The Munsters
  • Joey's mention of "Farrah" is a reference to Farrah Fawcett, known for her role on the series Charlie's Angels – and although she only had a leading role in season one (1976–77), her hairstyle became a trend, known as a "Farrah-do" or a "Farrah-flip"

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