Just Say No Way
Season 3, episode 21
Just say no way123
Air date March 30, 1990
Writer(s) Jeff Franklin
Director Jeff Franklin
Previous Honey, I Broke the House
Next Three Men and Another Baby

Just Say No Way is episode twenty-one of season three on Full House. It originally aired on March 30, 1990.

Opening Teaser

Michelle enters the living room from the kitchen, with a sandwich for Joey. What he doesn't know is that it contains bananas, pickles, Jell-O, and bubble gum; the last of which can be noticed as Joey blows a bubble. Michelle tells him, "Don't play with your food", to which he replies with one of her recurring phrases, "Aw, nuts!"


D.J. and Kimmy Gibbler organize the Spring Backwards Dance at school. What makes it "backwards" is that the girls ask the boys to the dance. D.J. is too nervous to ask Kevin Gwynn to the dance. So Stephanie calls him for her, which sets off a chase on D.J.'s bed; but after Stephanie says that Kevin's going to go to the dance with her, she feels thankful, and hugs Stephanie.

Meanwhile, Joey has bought Michelle a tape of children’s songs by a singer named Raffi, and Stephanie wishes Joey had not bought the tape when Michelle becomes obsessed with the song "Baby Beluga." However, Michelle has played that song so much that she eventually wears out the tape—which gives Stephanie and Joey some relief.

After weeks of planning and organizing the dance, D.J. is disappointed to learn that the scheduled band, Dog Face, will not be able to make it to the dance (as Kimmy had told her they broke up), so she convinces Jesse to lend his musical talents for the evening. At the dance, Kevin seems uncomfortable, and Jesse meets the band that D.J. has arranged for him to perform with—which happens to be a high school marching band.

Later, D.J. sees Kevin and two other boys, Sam and Paul, drinking beer in the hallway. She takes a beer can away from Paul in an effort to stop them; unfortunately, that is when Jesse enters the hallway and sees her holding the beer can. As a result, he goes crazy and wrongfully accuses her of drinking.

Back home, Danny and Joey take Jesse’s side and refuse to believe D.J. when she tries to tell them she was not drinking and had been trying to stop Kevin, Sam, and Paul from drinking, and even Joey reminds her that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, even kids. This causes D.J. to storm off to her and Stephanie's room in tears. But Stephanie believes her, because she looked Stephanie right in the eyes while telling her what happened; she also reminds D.J. that she usually looks at the top of Stephanie’s head when she is not telling the truth, and above all, she is Stephanie's big sister, which inspires Stephanie to look up to her.

Downstairs in the kitchen, the guys talk about not just what happened at the dance, but what happened in the ensuing argument when Jesse and D.J. came home. Danny is just as shocked as Jesse and Joey are, maybe even more so than both are combined, and can't believe that it could happen to D.J. (see Quotes).

D.J. feels that she has no choice but to sneak back to the school in order to prove her innocence, and that, with her very own eyes, she saw that Kevin, Sam, and Paul were drinking beer, so Kimmy's mom takes her there. While Joey stays behind to take care of Stephanie, Jesse and Danny follow D.J., and Kevin apologizes to her and then tells Jesse and Danny the truth, which is exactly what D.J. had told them; in addition, Kimmy, who was still at the dance when the incident occurred and was helping clean up as her best friend arrived, tells D.J. that Kevin, Sam, and Paul all got suspended for their getting caught drinking. This is a huge relief to D.J., who says that all three of them deserve it because while they got in trouble for drinking, they got her in trouble because she was holding the beer can while trying to stop them in the first place. Jesse and Danny feel foolish for doubting D.J. the way they did when they jumped to conclusions, and Jesse apologizes to D.J. for not believing her in the first place. He sits down with her on the stage and explains to her why he went crazy—because he has seen alcoholism ruin people’s lives before, whether it be through celebrities or rock stars, and he does not want that to happen to D.J. He even adds that what she endured tonight is just one of many tough decisions she will have to face for the rest of her life, from drinking to drugs, and as a "young woman", she has to make those tough decisions on her own sometimes, and as she gets older, those tough decisions will only get tougher.

In addition, when Kevin asks D.J. if it is okay to call her again, she accepts, under the condition that "the old Kevin calls". He even explains that he drank because he thought he would have more fun with her, but she tells him that she didn't have fun with "the new Kevin".

When all is said and done, and after all that D.J. has endured tonight, she, Jesse, and Danny all leave the school and head home.


Jesse: [to Michelle and Stephanie] Alright Munchkins! We got your chocolate moo juice here! Extra chocolate! Easy on the moo.

Jesse: This is just great. I got the "Baby Beluga" dancers and I'm drinking moo juice. When did my life become a G-rated movie?

Kimmy: Well, this is a backwards dance. That means we have to get some guys to be our dates. Call up Kevin.
D.J.: I can't. I don't have his phone number.
Stephanie: Yes, you do. It's the little speed dial button with a heart drawn around it. [She picks up the phone and hits said button and the dial tone goes off.]
D.J.: Stephanie!
Stephanie: It's ringing...
D.J.: [runs over and grabs the phone; in a phone operator's voice] This is the phone company. Your phone works fine. Goodbye. [She hangs up the phone and can only watch in disgust as Stephanie starts clucking like a chicken; Kimmy laughs in response to that.] Kimmy!
Kimmy: Sorry, but sometimes she's funny.
Stephanie: [picks up the phone again] Hello, Kevin?
D.J.: Stephanie! [She and Stephanie chase each other on D.J.'s bed.]
Stephanie: [on the phone while being chased by D.J. on the bed] This is Stephanie Tanner and I was wondering if you'd like to go to the Backwards Dance with my lovely sister, D.J.
D.J.: [angrily] I'm gonna kill you!
Stephanie: OK, bye. [She hangs up the phone.] Kevin said "yes".
D.J.: [suddenly smiles] I'm gonna hug you! [She hugs Stephanie.]
Stephanie: Teenagers. They make such a big deal out of everything.

[The guys are in the living room, just as Stephanie bursts in.]
Stephanie: Somebody do something! It's been one song a week of "Baby Beluga"! I'm going bananas!
[Then Michelle comes into the room with the tape player and mic, singing.]
Joey: Michelle, why don't we fast-forward this thing to another song?
Michelle: [while trying to keep the tape player away from him] No.
Joey: Well, Baby Beluga's tired. He needs a nap.
Michelle: Don't make me cry.

[D.J. sees her date in the school hall.]
D.J.: Kevin!
Kevin: Hey D.J.!
D.J.: What are you doing out here?
Kevin: Just hanging out!
Sam: The dance was lame. So we started our own party.
D.J.: [sees the beer can under Kevin's jacket] You're drinking beer!
Kevin: Yeah. Tastes horrible. You want some?
D.J.: No, I don't want some! You guys aren't supposed to be drinking beer!
Sam: Big deal! We're just having some fun. Try it! [He shakes the can and sprays D.J. with it (see Gallery and infobox photos).]
D.J.: Cut it out!
Kevin: [to Sam] You didn't have to do that! D.J., I'm sorry. I'll get some paper towels for you.
D.J.: Why don't you guys get out of here?!
Sam: You are so uncool!
D.J.: Oh? And you think you're cool! [She grabs the can, as Jesse walks through the door.] 'The dance was lame. Now we're having a party!'

[Michelle is in her room listening to "Baby Beluga" on the tape player, when suddenly, the cassette starts garbling and warbling.]
Michelle: Baby Beluga, are you sick? [She pops open the player, and pulls out the cassette, which has spewed out all the tape.] Uh-oh. Help! Help!
[Stephanie, Danny, and Joey all enter upon hearing the word.]
Danny: Honey, what's wrong?
Michelle: Baby Beluga's broken.
Stephanie: [excitedly] Really?
Joey: Maybe I can fix him.
[But Danny and Stephanie grab each of his arms.]
Danny & Stephanie: Oh, no, no, no.
Michelle: I want Baby Beluga! I want Baby Beluga! I want Baby Beluga!
Danny, Joey & Stephanie: Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay. [They start to sing but in a frustrated voice.]
Michelle: Stop! Sing it nicely. [They do.]

[D.J. and Jesse come home from the dance and are arguing about who will talk to Danny first when Danny and Joey come in.]
Danny: Whoa, whoa, whoa – what’s going on here?
D.J.: I was not drinking beer!
Danny: You were not drinking what?
Jesse: Danny, I saw the whole thing – she had a beer in her hand, she was waving it around, she was talkin’ about partyin’.
D.J.: The other kids were drinking. I was telling them how stupid they looked!
Joey: Hey, Deej, everybody makes mistakes. And we know how hard it is when the other kids are drinking, and they offer you a drink–
D.J.: I know drinking is wrong! We already had this talk. That’s why I didn’t do it. I’m telling you the truth!
Jesse: Oh, right. Like you were telling us the truth about your homework? And you weren’t exactly honest about this marching backup band tonight.
D.J.: That was totally different! [turns to Danny] You believe me, don’t you, Dad?
Danny: I’d like to, but you do smell like beer.
D.J.: Someone spilled it on me, really!
Danny: D.J., go to your room. I’m gonna talk to Jesse, and then I’ll come up and talk to you.
D.J.: This is so unfair! [turns and walks a few steps away, but stops and turns to Danny, Jesse and Joey] How could you take his side instead of believing your own daughter? [turns back around and heads over to the staircase]

[In D.J. and Stephanie's room...]
Stephanie: [singing] Baby Beluga, Baby Belu- Oh, no. [while slapping her head] Get out, get out, get out!
D.J.: [enters the room, crying] How could they do this? I was telling the truth! I don't deserve to be treated this way; I didn't do anything!
Stephanie: What didn't you do?
D.J.: It doesn't matter. Nobody believes me anyway – not Jesse, not Joey, not even Dad. [sobs]
Stephanie: I believe you, D.J..
D.J.: You do?
Stephanie: Of course I do. You're my big sister. And besides that, you were looking right in my eyes. When you lie, you look at the top of my head.
D.J: Thanks, Steph. [They hug.] I gotta find a way for them to believe me...

[In the kitchen...]
Danny: I can't believe this is happening! She's only 13 and she's such a good kid.
Joey: Danny, this could happen to any kid. There's – there's a lot of pressure on them to try drinking.
Jesse: I know, and not just from other kids. From, you know, sometimes, these celebrities, and rock stars, and people these kids look up to. I mean, they're – they're making drinking look cool. I mean, they're sending the wrong message to kids. [turns to Danny] Let me tell you something! D.J. is going to get the right message, OK? She's got to know that there is no drinking, period. I say we go upstairs and lay down the law!
Danny: Jesse, wait a minute. Just sit down. [He does.] I think it's not as simple as just punishing her. I think we have to find out why D.J. did it so we can decide the best way to help her. I just don't want her to be one of those kids who has to learn the hard way.
[Stephanie comes down and announces...]
Stephanie: Your attention, please! Whatever it is you said D.J. did, she did not do!
Joey: How do you know, Steph?
Stephanie: Because she was crying. And those were not "I'm in trouble" tears. Those were "I really didn't do it" tears.
Danny: I think we need to straighten this out right now.
Stephanie: She's not in her room.
Danny: [starting to get upset all over again] Where is she?
Stephanie: She went back to the dance with Kimmy's Mom to prove she's innocent.
Jesse: [angrily] Oh great, now she sneaks out of the house without telling us?!
Danny: What is going on with her?
Joey: Look, you guys, I'll handle everything here. Go ahead – take off.

[At the school, Kimmy and others are helping clean up from the dance, as her best friend arrives.]
Kimmy: I'll see you at school tomorrow. [She sees her best friend right on cue.] D.J., you missed everything! Kevin and Paul and Sam got caught drinking. They're gonna be suspended from school.
D.J.: I hate to say it, but they deserve it.

[Inside, D.J. is sitting on the stage, when Jesse enters.]
Jesse: Hi.
D.J.: Oh, great. I'm in even more trouble. [She gets up.] Look, I came down here to find Kevin so that--
Jesse: I just talked to Kevin outside.
D.J.: You did?
Jesse: Yeah. [He walks over to his oldest niece.] He told me what really happened. I owe you a big apology.
D.J.: You really hurt my feelings.
Jesse: I'm sorry for not believing you, pal.
D.J.: I guess it did look kinda bad, and I did bend the truth a couple times this week .
Jesse: D.J., I want you to know why I lost my temper tonight. It just--it made me crazy thinking of my little niece out there starting to drink. I mean, this isn't fun and games here. You know, I've seen it happen to my friends. They think they have it under control, and before they know it, they've messed up their whole lives. That's why I'm proud of you for making the right decisions tonight.
D.J.: It's not that hard to say "No". Those kids were acting like idiots.
[She and Jesse sit down on the stage.]
Jesse: Well, you made it through tonight. But the sad truth is, you're going to be faced with a lot of tough decisions in your life – and not just about drinking either, but about drugs and about sex, and who knows what. I just wish you could grow up in a world where you could just enjoy being a kid. But I'm sorry, pal; that's not the way it is. So, I hope that you'll use the same good judgment that you used tonight because I never want to see you get hurt. I love you so much.
D.J.: I love you too, Uncle Jesse. Thank you. [They hug.]
Jesse: Alright. Let's go home, huh?


  • The second of three episodes written and directed by creator/executive producer Jeff Franklin (first was "Jesse's Girl", co-written with producer Don Van Atta)
  • The episode title comes from Nancy Reagan's anti-drug campaign slogan "Just Say No"
  • Other episodes to deal with the topic of peer pressure are:
  • In addition to the issue of peer pressure, the episode also deals with the more serious issue of underage drinking


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