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Kissing Cousins
Season 7, Episode 18
Kissing cousins
Air Date February 15, 1994
Writer Tom Burkhard
Director John Tracy
Previous The Last Dance
Next Love on the Rocks

Kissing Cousins is episode eighteen of season seven on Full House. It originally aired on February 15, 1994.

Plot Summary

Jesse has returned home from Greece, where he attended Papouli's funeral, and he has brought his cousin Stavros (played by John Stamos) home with him. What Jesse does not know is that Stavros is a womanizing con artist. Stavros swindles Joey out of his watch and $20, tries to hit on Rebecca, gets Danny a $65 parking ticket for parking next to a fire hydrant, and also makes D.J. pay for an awful-smelling goat pizza with lamb guts that Stavros actually had the money for all along. When everyone tries to tell Jesse what kind of man Stavros is, Jesse refuses to believe them.

Then Stavros arrives and prepares to go home, because he says that the village of Polopolis was ruined by a severe mudslide. Before he leaves, he gives everyone back the watch and money he swindled them for, and apologizes to Rebecca. But despite that, the Smash Club is the setting for Stavros's latest (and last) scam, and he is raising money at the Smash Club for Polopolis' recovery from the mudslide. Rebecca and the girls discover that there was no mudslide, and that Stavros plans to use the money for an airplane flight to Florida later.

Rebecca comes up with a plan that finally proves to Jesse that they were right and that Stavros is a con artist. As a result, Jesse makes Stavros leave the Smash Club.

After Stavros is escorted from the Smash Club, Jesse apologizes to the family for refusing to believe them. They understand that sometimes it's hard to believe the truth about a loved one, which was the reason why Jesse refused to believe them about Stavros in the first place. Everyone likes D.J.'s idea of giving the donated money to a local children's hospital.


  • John Stamos plays a dual role as both Jesse and Stavros
  • The only appearance of cousin Stavros
  • "Kissing Cousins" is also the name of an Elvis movie released in 1964 (Jesse is a big Elvis fan)


Stavros: (pretends to wipe tears off his face) Beautiful.
Becky: Well, it's just a carrot.

Stavros: (to Becky) Anyone ever tell you you carve vegetables like.... Greek goddess?
Becky: No, not recently.

D.J.: Aunt Becky, you might be interested in this. Stavros is flying to Orlando tonight.
Becky: Oh, no. I bet this whole mudslide thing is just another one of his scams. By tomorrow, he's gonna be cruising the Magic Kingdom trying to get Tinker Bell's phone number.

Jesse: Stavros, how could you do this to me? To my family? I trusted you, man. I looked up to you.
Stavros: Oh, look at you. All I'm hearing in Greece is about Jesse in America. How wonderful job is, beautiful wife, perfect family.
Jesse: All right, maybe I do have all that. But I didn't get it by stealing--I worked for it. Maybe that's something you should try.
Stavros: I did try. I worked very, very hard. Worst day of my life.
Jesse: You hurt me, Stavros. You may be family, but you're out of here.

Jesse: Oh, I'm sorry, Beck. I should've listened to you about Stavros.
Becky: Well, when you care about someone, sometimes it's hard to see the truth.

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