Making Out is Hard to Do
Season 8, episode 3
Making out is hard to do
Air date October 11, 1994
Writer(s) Carolyn Omine
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Breaking Away
Next I've Got a Secret

Making Out is Hard to Do is episode three of season eight on Full House. It originally aired on October 11, 1994.


When invited to Gia's place for a party, Stephanie arrives with Pictionary, not knowing exactly what kind of party it was. Danny is stricken with laryngitis. However, he feels even more speechless than he already is upon discovering that Stephanie had lied to him and went to a make-out party at Gia's apartment while Gia's mother Claire is working a late shift.

Meanwhile, Jesse is bothered by the fact that the new lead singer for the Rippers is Barry Williams, because the Rippers somewhat seem to be having more success with Barry than they ever did with Jesse.

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[In Jesse's dream (or nightmare):]
Jesse: [as he's trying to nap] Oh, no. Not again!
TV Host: Yes, Jesse. Again. That was Barry & the Rippers with "April Girls", the song that's been sweeping the nation for the past two months.
Jesse: Two months?!
TV Host: Welcome to Down Beat: Tragic Tales of the Music Business. Today, the story of Jesse Katsopolis: The Lost Ripper.
Jesse: [to the TV] I'm not lost. I'm right here, pal!
TV Host: We talked with Jesse's friends and family to learn more about this truly pathetic figure.
Becky: [In a clip on the show, as the "ex-wife"] OK. I married a failure. I can deal with it. But it's been really hard on the boys. They're so ashamed. [Zoom-out to reveal Nicky and Alex in Groucho Marx glasses.]
Danny: [...the "shamed brother-in-law"] I don't know where the reject is today, and frankly, I don't care. All that's left of him is an Elvis donut maker and the mousse slick on the couch.
Stephanie: [..."alleged niece #1"] I never really believed he was my uncle. I just thought he was this guy who moved in and used our combs.
D.J.: [..."alleged niece #2"] The day he left, he took all our hairdryers. But it's a small price to pay to have him out of our lives. Happy blowin', grease ball!
Michelle: [...the "disgruntled niece"] He always called me 'Munchkin'. I used to think it was cute. But then, I found out what it meant: A short-looking funny person. What a jerk!
Joey: [...the "Boing Boing Brain"] I was Jesse's partner on the radio, and his best friend. Now, I'm dating his wife.
Becky: Boing Boing [an off-brand of the Ho Ho], honey?
Joey: You bet, honey. [She puts half of it in his mouth and the other half in hers.]
[That horrifies Jesse.]
TV Host: Last week, in a Down Beat exclusive, our 'tragic cam' finally caught up with Jesse Katsopolis [showing him as an overweight, balding mechanic].

Danny: Do you have any idea what your daughter's been up to?
Claire: Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?
Danny: Yes. I have laryngitis.

Claire: [about Gia] Well, I guess I should go upstairs and talk to her.
Danny: Well, just remember—when children seem the least lovable, it means they need love the most.
Claire: Do you always talk like a fortune cookie?
Danny: Actually, it was the Thought for the Day on my Ziggy desk calendar.

Danny: [Referring to Stephanie's punishment] Steph, let me put it this way. Before it can soar like an eagle, the young baby bird must stumble and fall, and spend two whole weeks grounded in the nest with no TV.
Stephanie: Hey, is that from your Ziggy calendar?
Danny: No, but I'm thinking of submitting it.


  • This episode ("Making Out is Hard to Do"; season 8, episode 3) is exactly five seasons after "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (in 22 Minutes)" (season 3, episode 3)
  • When Danny has laryngitis, he sounds somewhat like Marge Simpson of The Simpsons (1989–); Carolyn Omine, the writer of this episode would become a writer for The Simpsons five years after this episode aired
  • During Jesse's nightmare about what his future will be like without music, Kimmy is seen wearing a similar attire to that of Peg Bundy from the sitcom Married... with Children