Micheal Campion
Michael Campion 001
General information
Birth: July 26 (year unconfirmed)
Series information
First appearance: Our Very First Show, Again
Last appearance: Love is in the Air
Portrays: Jackson Fuller
Other information
Interests: -
Education: -

Michael Campion is an American actor who portrays Jackson Fuller on the Netflix series Fuller House. Michael has always wanted to become a successful actor. He was thrilled with the opportunity to work on the film Christmas Trade (2015) with Billy Baldwin (aka William Baldwin) and Denise Richards. He also starred in the Feature film Robo-Dog (2015) and has been featured in numerous Local and National commercials. Michael also loves the theater and has performed with Magic Curtain Productions in the Wizard of Oz, Annie and The Little Mermaid, just to name a few. When he isn't working on becoming an actor he enjoys water sports, video games, performing magic tricks and hanging with friends. Michaels lives in Orlando, Florida with his parents, where he also visits all of the theme parks. [1]

Age confusion

Micheal's birthday is July 26, but his year of birth remains unknown. He has refused to share his age out to public, and tries to keep it a secret. In his Instagram account, Campion said that he is 13 years old, but he later claimed that he isn't and misspoken on his facebook and twitter account. He removed the statement, although in Instagram still has it. Famous Birthdays is the only site to state that he was born in 2002. Some sites say that he was born in 2001, but others like Google state that it is 2003.


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