Misadventures in Babysitting
Season 3, episode 14
Misadventures in babysitting123
Air date January 12, 1990
Writer(s) Shari Scharfer & Julie Strassman
Director Bill Foster
Previous No More Mr. Dumb Guy
Next Lust in the Dust

Misadventures in Babysitting is episode fourteen of season three of Full House. It originally aired on January 12, 1990.

Opening Teaser

In the living room, Joey shows a sunglasses-wearing Michelle a sunglasses-wearing plant that dances to music, and she responds, "No way, José!". To demonstrate, he turns on his boombox, and the plant starts dancing. Michelle brings a potted plant over to join the dancing plant, but it being a potted plant and all, it's stationary. She tells the plant, "Hey you, wake up!", and Joey replies, "I think he's a wallflower", but he makes it dance, nonetheless.


D.J. wants her own phone because having only one phone in a house with five other people is driving her crazy. When Danny sees her and Kimmy talking to each other in the same room (that being her and Stephanie's room), Kimmy notes that there are plans out there that include such things as call waiting, and he wishes she had "friend waiting".

After he isn't willing to give it to her, she is willing to pay for the new phone number herself, but she needs a way to earn money, so she takes a job babysitting Brian Kagan, a little terror who really takes a toll on her. He tries everything he can to get his own way. He tosses a vase in order to break it and pin the blame on her (but she catches it before it can do so), then steals her purse and threatens to drop it in the fish tank (unless she shaves her head). Kimmy arrives to help out. After he fears the presence of "Kimmy Gobbler", she threatens to kiss him unless he drops the purse. He does so and then escapes upstairs, confirming the girls' fears that their troubles aren't over just yet (see Quotes).

With D.J. out babysitting, Stephanie becomes Michelle's babysitter. All attempts fail, including tempting Michelle with playing "Sleeping Beauty" and giving her a cookie if she behaves. When Michelle tries to hide in the laundry basket and cover herself up in an attempt to make Stephanie believe she's disappeared, Stephanie sees right through this and literally has to drag the laundry basket—and Michelle—out of the kitchen and upstairs to bed.

The guys are playing poker, and Becky and Jesse can't agree on where to spend Christmas this year. Jesse wants to spend Christmas at Graceland, but Rebecca wants she and Jesse to spend Christmas in Nebraska with her family. They compromise and decide to spend Christmas in Rebecca's hometown, and New Year's in Memphis.

During their game, Michelle walks downstairs and sees them playing. Stephanie follows, and she explains to Danny that she can't get her younger sister to go to bed, even after asking her directly. So it's up to Jesse to get her to "go night-night" as he and the guys put their heads on the table and pretend that they're sleeping, with Jesse's poker buddies, Steve and Paul, following a second later per his orders. Michelle asks where their pajamas are, and Stephanie says, "Under their clothes", as she leads her sister out of the kitchen and back upstairs.

Meanwhile, Brian, squirting off his water gun in a last-ditch effort to thwart off his enemies, ends up getting his head stuck in the railing of the stairs in his house, and D.J. and Kimmy butter his head in an effort to get him out, but it fails.

Danny leaves the poker game when D.J. calls him about it. He arrives just in the nick of time, helps get Brian's head out of the railing by sawing off a piece of it, and decides to let D.J. have her own phone line because she did the right thing by calling Danny for help when she needed it, instead of trying to handle the situation on her own, like she has in the past.

The next day, as the roommates are doing their homework, D.J.'s phone rings, and on the other end is Danny, and he has a surprise for her, but it is one that is obvious by now: he is calling her on her very own phone line!

Danny, of course, realizes that his oldest daughter needs to hold her end of the bargain if he holds his: She can have the phone – so long as she pays for it. And with the babysitting job she just took, she should have no problem... as long as it does not take her away from her other priorities, such as school. Danny realizes that his "little girl" is growing up, and soon boys will be calling her day and night. But just as she receives what she thinks is her first phone call on the new phone line, the phone call instead goes to Stephanie, as her friend Walter is on the other line. Of course, D.J. is suspicious, because Stephanie says that she did keep the new number a secret – from her. Stephanie can only blab to Walter on D.J.'s phone.


[As D.J. heads upstairs to continue her phone call with Kimmy, Stephanie grabs the phone.]
Stephanie: This is the major pain speaking. How rude!

[Brian's parents go out for the night, and leave him with his babysitter.]
D.J.: Hi, Brian.
Brian: Hi, D.J. I hear it's your first time babysitting.
D.J.: No, that's not true. I babysit Michelle all the time.
Brian: [sneeringly] Well, this will be different.
D.J.: Brian, let's be friends, alright?
Brian: Give me half the money you're making off me, and maybe I'll be your friend.
D.J.: Not a prayer! I'm saving up for my own phone.

[After the break, D.J. is chasing her worst nightmare all around his house for her purse.]
D.J.: Give me my purse back! Come here, you little mutant!
Brian: Freeze!
D.J.: Brian.
Brian: Do what I say or your purse goes into the fish tank.
D.J.: Forget it, Brian. I am not shaving my head.
[Suddenly, there's a knock at the door.]
Brian: Who's that?
D.J.: I hope it's the police. [She goes to the door.] Who is it?
Kimmy: [from outside] It's me. [D.J. unlocks and opens the door, and indeed it's Kimmy.] Hi, Deej. How's it going?
Brian: Oh, no! Not Kimmy Gobbler!
D.J.: He's got my purse. What do I do?
Kimmy: Watch this. [to Brian] Alright, chump. Drop the purse right now or I'm gonna kiss you.
Brian: Yuck! [He has no choice but to do so, and Kimmy catches it in her hands and gives it back to her best friend.]
Kimmy: Not very flattering, but it works.
Brian: You haven't seen the last of me!
D.J.: Kimmy, why didn't you tell me this kid was a baby Godzilla?

Danny: Jess, I've been a pretty regular guy tonight, wouldn't you say?
Jesse: Yes. Actually, I'm quite proud of you.
Danny: In that case, there's something I'd like to say before I leave. [turns to Steve] You, sir, are a chimney! Not only are you ruining your own health, you are ruining the health of innocent people all around you. [turns to Paul] And you, sir? You should take a drive through a car wash without your car.

Danny: Brian, sticking your head through these railings was a very dangerous thing to do. I'm gonna have you out in a minute, okay? So don't move.
Brian: Where am I going?
D.J.: I'm sorry, Dad. I really blew it. I guess I'm not ready for babysitting... or my own phone... or anything.
Danny: It so happens I'm very proud of you.
D.J.: [surprised] You are?
Brian: [also surprised] You are?
Danny: Yeah. D.J., sometimes when you've been in trouble before, you've tried to handle the situation yourself and you ended up making things worse. But tonight, you showed good judgment and you asked for help right away. That's exactly what a good babysitter would do.

[D.J. & Stephanie are doing their homework in their room, when D.J.'s phone rings.]
D.J.: Hello?
Danny: Hello.
D.J.: Dad, where are you?
[That question is answered pronto, as her dad enters the room.]
Danny: I'm right here, Deej.
D.J.: How can you be calling me on the same line?
Danny: Maybe because I just called you on your very own phone number!
D.J.: [screams excitedly as she hugs him] I got a phone! I got a phone! Oh, thank you, Dad. You're the greatest. What's my new number?
Stephanie: 555-8722.
D.J.: How do you know my number?
Stephanie: Dad told me this morning. I kept it a secret all day. I'm exhausted.


  • The first episode where Kimmy takes her shoe off, and thus, her foot odors are exposed
  • The first time both older girls are babysitters, and the first time Stephanie babysits Michelle by herself
  • The second time Kimmy is addressed as "Kimmy Gobbler" (the first being last season's "Tanner vs. Gibbler")
  • The episode title is a reference to the film Adventures in Babysitting
  • The first of 2 episodes to air in 1990, but tape in 1989 (hence the 'MCMLXXXIX' copyright date, instead of 'MCMXC'); the second being "13 Candles"