Mr. Egghead
Season 3, episode 18
Mr. egghead
Air date February 16, 1990
Writer(s) Marc Warren
Dennis Rinsler
Director Bill Foster
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Mr. Egghead is episode eighteen in season three of Full House. It originally aired on February 16, 1990.

Opening Teaser

In the kitchen, Danny helps Michelle learn how to record a greeting message on their new answering machine. But instead of a usual greeting, she sings "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" until Danny stops her and does the proper greeting himself, after which he lets her do the "beep" that signals the beginning of a recipient's message.

Plot Summary

Joey gets a chance to be the title character on a new TV science show called Mr. Egghead. Because he adores children, Joey is certain that he would be the ideal host for the show.

Meanwhile, Danny and D.J. feel that they must use every trick in the book to fight a speeding ticket that Danny received. They even practice the "testimony" upstairs in D.J. and Stephanie's room.

Stephanie and her classmates are the guest audience on Joey's audition show, intended to decide if he will be the replacement host. Joey feels like Mr. Scrambled Egghead when he accidentally breaks Stephanie's nose during the taping of the show, and Stephanie's class picture day is the next day.

Stephanie was humiliated in her class picture last year, because the photographer snapped the picture while she was in the middle of a sneeze. This year, Stephanie absolutely refuses to let a nose splint, that is made of metal, result in yet another humiliating class picture. She is afraid that her classmates will call her "Robo-nose." But, to alleviate the pain, there are two pictures taken: One where everyone wears Groucho glasses, and one without (the latter of which elicits applause from the studio audience as the EP credits appear).


  • The fifth of six episodes (and third consecutive) to use the extended theme song, and the second of two to also not have Becky
  • Mr. Egghead is a take on Mr. Wizard, the stage name for Don Herbert, who hosted a TV science show (various titles) from the 1950s to 1990
  • Stephanie's "Robo-Nose" is a take on the 1987 movie RoboCop and its franchise
  • "The song "Tomorrow" (the Sun'll Come Out), which Stephanie was singing before she was punched in the face by the springing boxing glove, is from the musical Annie