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Nerd for a Day
Season 3, episode 4
Nerd for a day123456
Air date October 13, 1989
Writer(s) Lenny Ripps
Director Bill Foster
Previous Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (in 22 Minutes)
Next Granny Tanny

Nerd for a Day is episode four in season three of Full House. It originally aired on October 13, 1989.

Opening Teaser

Michelle emerges from the kitchen to the living room riding her pedal car, which she says is "broken". Joey, who is reading as she passes him, decides to help "fix" it. She thanks him for doing it, but he reminds her to "pay up" – which she does with a kiss, and he gives her a kiss in return as her "change".

Plot Summary

Succumbing to peer pressure, Stephanie joins her classmates in making fun of Walter Berman, a classmate who wears glasses. Jesse tells Stephanie that she must apologize, but the apology makes Walter think Stephanie loves him. When Stephanie's friends come over to the house and see Stephanie talking to Walter, they make Stephanie a target for teasing, until Stephanie turns the tables on them, and shows them how it feels to be teased. That changes their behavior.

Meanwhile, at school, D.J. has been assigned to follow and observe a person for a day, then write an essay about that person. D.J. chooses Michelle to be the subject for the essay, since everything she does is simple, from talking to her stuffed animals to flushing every toilet in the house, from having a nap on D.J's bed to stealing the paper that has D.J.'s report. When they get to Michelle's room, D.J. bumps her knee on Michelle's new pencil-bed, and Michelle kisses it to make it feel better. The next day, D.J. gets an "A" on the report, and gives a high-five to her sister.

Also, on Wake Up, San FranciscoJoey fills in for Becky as Danny's co-host while she is out of town.


[Joey is reading in the living room. Michelle comes in from the kitchen in her pedal-car, and suddenly stops.]
Michelle: Car broken.
Joey: [getting up from his chair] Car broken? Okay, let's check it out.
[Joey presses Michelle's tummy and back.]
Michelle: [makes the noise of a car engine that won't start]
Joey: Yeah, it's broken, all right. [lifting Michelle's left arm] Well, this is loose. We'll tighten this up, [lifts up her other arm] and this needs a little oil [Joey pretends to put oil under Michelle's arm] Okay, let's try it again.
Michelle: [makes the car engine noise followed by a vroom] Thank you, Joey.
[Michelle starts pedaling away, but Joey stops her.]
Joey: Wait a minute, lady. You forgot to pay your bill.
Michelle: Sorry.
[Michelle kisses him.]
Joey: Here's your change. [Joey kisses her]
[Michelle starts driving again until she gets to the front step, then turns around to Joey, who shrugs.]

Danny: Joey, let’s go! We’re gonna be late!
Joey: Danny, what is the big rush?
Danny: Joey, you know I always leave the house at exactly 7:48. Now, thanks to you, I’m already two minutes late.
Joey: What are you talking about? We are right on time.
Danny: Joey... that’s a barometer.
Joey: Well, in that case, we’d better get moving. There’s a hurricane brewing.

Stephanie: He's not my boyfriend... but he is my friend.
Walter: Really? I'm your secret friend?
Stephanie: No, Walter. You're my "everybody can know" friend.


  • The first of the very few appearances by Brian Kagan and Walter F. Berman, the only appearance of Stephanie's friend Laurie, and final appearance of Harry Takayama
  • Becky does not appear in this episode, as she is on assignment
  • Danny says, "Oh, Dorothy was right. There is no place like home!" Danny is referring to one of Dorothy Gale's most famous lines in the popular, classic The Wizard of Oz
  • According to Jesse, he apparently was teased as a kid, which is why his role was important in this episode


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