This article is about Jesse and Pam's father. For Jesse and Becky's son, see Nicky Katsopolis.

Nick Katsopolis is Jesse and Pam's father. He is an avid fan of Elvis Presley, just like Jesse. Also, like his son, he is very much interested in his hair and ladies (according to him in the season two episode "Our Very First Christmas Show", "there are two things Katsopolis men are known for: kissing and great hair"). He owns his own business, in which he is a bug exterminator. He met his wife, Irene, the day that Elvis was drafted. Nick was a strict but loving father. In the episode, "D.J. Tanner's Day Off" it is mentioned that he would punish Jesse severely. This combination is also seen in the episode "It's Not My Job", when Jesse quits the extermination business Nick responds with: "If you're out of the business, you're out of the family." Later on, he explains this by saying that he did not build up the business to sell it to a stranger. Also, his love for his family is shown by the fact that Irene bringing in Michelle curbed his anger. When Michelle was getting ready to do a TV commercial for marshmallows (the season two episode "El Problema Grande de D.J."), he remarked that Michelle looked like a little blonde version of the redhead he likes on the TV show Gilligan's Island, which was revealed to be Tina Louise by Irene.


  • Nick Katsopolis has the same name of as one his grandson, Nicky Katsopolis, Jesse and Becky's son.
  • Nick never appeared in any of the two episodes his father appeared in.

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