Pal Joey
Season 2, episode 15
Pal joey123
Air date February 17, 1989
Writer(s) John Bowab
Director Dennis Rinsler & Marc Warren
Previous Little Shop of Sweaters
Next Baby Love

Pal Joey is episode fifteen in season two of Full House. It originally aired on February 17, 1989.

Opening Teaser

In her room, D.J. teaches Michelle about cute guys. Among them is George Michael, whom she says that he was cute during his "Wham!" years, but has "graduated to rad" as a solo artist. Then she shows Michelle a picture of Michael J. Fox, saying that the bad news is: he is married and the good news is: he is their size. Then Michelle points out a picture of Big Bird, and D.J. says that nobody knows if he is a guy or not.

Plot Summary

Back when Jesse and Joey moved into the house, they did not exactly get along with each other very well at first. But since they started working together more, they have become good friends, and it is making Danny feel left out because lately, Joey has been taking Danny for granted.

When Danny confronts Joey, they remember the day when they became friends in the 5th grade on February 23, 1968, when they protected each other from a bully named Sheldon. When Danny and Joey head to the school where this had happened 21 years before, they play some basketball in the gym, and then literally unearth a time capsule they buried that year.

It contains Danny's old Giants cap, Joey's first joke book, and, of all things, the pledge they signed, which was a pledge to always be friends. As the inspirational music plays, Danny reminds Joey that things weren't the same as they were before, because, with Jesse and Joey working together now, Joey may have forgotten about his initial friendship with Danny. Joey apologizes for taking their friendship for granted. Then, as the music stops, he and Danny call Jesse to the school so Jesse can add his name to the pledge; they then put the cap and book back into the time capsule, and, with Jesse's name on the pledge, they add his hair dryer to the time capsule and bury it again, with Jesse remarking if his hair looks like hail tomorrow, he's going to come back to the school and dig it up again. Danny suggests (as Jeff Franklin's EP credit appears) that they do the "old Soul Brother handshake", but Jesse does not think that it is a good idea, so Danny decides they just plain hug each other, and all three of them opt to do the handshake (as Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett's EP credits appear).

Meanwhile, Stephanie's friend Harry Takayama has a crush on D.J., leading Stephanie to accuse her of stealing him, even calling her older sister and roommate a "rat", a "skunk", and even worse, a "skunky rat".

When the three of them come home from school (with Harry coming over to the Tanner house), Harry says that he wants to quit school and join the Boy Scouts because he will never learn subtraction; D.J. remedies the problem by showing him how it is done. He then asks where babies come from, and D.J. suggests he "stick to fruit."

Later, he comes by with a big "I Love You" heart-shaped lollipop for D.J., and even invites her out to lunch, but she says she's eating with Kimmy. He says to "bring your friend. We'll double." On his way out, he departs with a "Goodbye, Chief" to Stephanie, who scoffs, "Don't ever call me Chief", and slams the door, with the audience groaning over her emotions.

To get back at D.J. for her stealing Harry, Stephanie decides to switch rooms...literally. She moves Michelle's crib into their room, and her bed into Michelle's room and even brings Michelle's stuff into D.J.'s room to boot. Needless to say, D.J.'s not happy about it, saying there's no way she's sharing her room with a 2-year-old, but Stephanie scoffs at that, saying there is no way that she is sharing her room with a "no-good, skunky, ratty, rotten, lameoid boyfriend stealer". She warns Michelle that D.J. "will be your best buddy until she gets something she wants, and then, nothing is safe". This leads to an argument, until Harry shows up and then Jesse decides to settle this issue once and for all, in his room...but, surprise, surprise, Michelle's sitting on his bed, reading his mail. He sends her out of the room, so this can focus on him, Harry, D.J. and Stephanie. He helps Harry forgive Stephanie, while D.J. helps Stephanie forgive faking everything from Harry's begging to Stephanie's forgiveness to their "chief" nicknames and handshakes. And then they really forgive each other and then "tag" each other out of the room. With this issue finally resolved, D.J. tells Jesse that "love is weird", to which he can only remind her, "Trust me, it gets a lot weirder."


  • Pal Joey is the title of a 1957 film adapted from the 1940 musical play of the same name, which was based on the novel (also of the same name)
  • The "argument" involving Stephanie and D.J. "stealing" Stephanie's boyfriend Harry happens again in "Crushed" (season 5) with Tommy Page (however, in it, both girls think that Tommy is their boyfriend, but in reality, what he really wants is to be good friends with the both of them)
  • Jesse calling Danny and Joey "Fred" and "Ethel" are references to Lucy and Desi's neighbors in I Love Lucy
  • The Lorimar Television logo cuts off the closing theme before it is completely finished playing


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