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Rebecca Katsopolis
General Information
Gender: Female
Occupation(s): Talk show host
Family and Friends
children: Nicky and Alex
Friends: Joey Gladstone
Danny Tanner
Series Information
First appearance: Tanner vs. Gibbler
Last appearance: Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)
Portrayer: Lori Loughlin

Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson Katsopolis is the sarcastic, practical, and well educated wife of Jesse Katsopolis, sister-in-law of Danny, aunt to D. J., Stephanie, and Michelle, mother to Nicky and Alex. She is Danny's co-host on Wake Up, San Francisco! (of which she was later appointed producer). Her promotion made Danny jealous at first, but he got over it later and accepted it, believing she would do a really great job. 


Becky is a typical country girl. She loves Nebraska, horses and horseback riding. At the end of "D.J.'s Very First Horse" she buys Rocket and asks D.J. if she'd like to help take care of Rocket, and even ride him every once in a while. D.J. says that she will have to wait until she is no longer grounded for buying Rocket without Danny's permission. Danny replies he thinks they can work something out.

Becky is introduced in season two, and is from the small town of Valentine, Nebraska, where she was born and raised on a farm. It is assumed that she comes from a big family as many different family members are mentioned throughout the series, with very few mentioned more than once.

She worked as a talk show host on A.M. Omaha for two years before being offered to host alongside Danny on Wake Up, San Francisco. Becky is often seen as the girls' mother figure, and she is especially close to D.J. Whenever a "girl" issue comes up, Becky volunteers to handle it for Danny (such as when Rebecca talks to D.J. about her first broken heart in the episode "A Little Romance" from season 2), which Danny thanks her for. She and Jesse marry, after nearly two years of dating, on Valentines Day. The two move out of Becky's apartment and then, shortly later, into the attic of the Tanner house. They later learn in season five that they are having twins. Becky gives birth later on in the season to identical twin boys, Nicky and Alex.


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