Road to Tokyo
Season 6, episode 3
Road to tokyo
Air date October 6, 1992
Writer(s) Ken Hecht
Director Joel Zwick
Previous The Long Goodbye
Next Radio Days
Road to Tokyo is episode three of season six of Full House. It originally aired on October 6, 1992.


Fat Fish Records calls Jesse, and tells him that "Forever" has reached #1 in Japan, and they want him to go to Japan for two weeks. Jesse goes and takes Becky, Nicky, and Alex with him. The ensuing adulation would inflate anyone's ego – and Jesse, alas, is no exception. Once Jesse, Becky, and the twins get to Japan, Jesse starts letting the whole thing go to his head, and he starts ignoring his family. When Becky tries to bring Jesse to his senses, he accuses her of trying to mess up his dream of succeeding in the music business. Becky tells him that she does want his dream to come true, but does not want him to forget about his family, and Jesse realizes that she is right.

Back at home, Michelle is convinced that she can "reconnect" with Jesse by digging a hole to Japan, and she is elated when Jesse gets home.

Meanwhile, Kimmy Gibbler has been nominated for class president by the "Party Hearty" party. For the school newspaper, D.J. writes an editorial about the election, and she is afraid it will damage Kimmy's chances of being elected. But, Kimmy is elected class president.

Also, Danny and Joey begin arguing over the stupidest and most inconsequential of details.


After the theme, as the episode opens, it shows Danny and Stephanie riding the bike like in the season one opening.

The subplot of Kimmy being nominated as class president and D.J. writing an editorial about it was most likely planned due to the 1992 Presidential Election.

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