Danny Tanner


Danny is obsessed with cleaning. For more info see: Danny's personality


When Danny is upset he plays the guitar.


Danny is highly overprotective of D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle.

Joey Gladstone

Stand-up comedy is one of the many hobbies Joey has.
Mr.wodd 'n' joe

Joey & Mr. Woodchuck


Joey has been obsessed with comedy ever since he did his first impression when he was 4.

He is known for his Popeye and Mr. Woodchuck, and many more.


In the first couple seasons it is obvious that Joey is a horrible cook.

In some episodes, he appears to make Chinese food which is spicy.

Jesse Katsopolis


Jesse is obsessed with his hair. One of his well known phrases is "Watch the hair!".


  • "Have Mercy!" is the trademark Jesse catchphrase.
  • "Capiche"' is what Jesse usually says when talking to Michelle.


Jeff Franklin said that in at least every season 1 episode he can be seen holding a drumstick.

Michelle Tanner


Michelle has many catchphrases such as:

  • "Aw, Nuts!"
  • "You Got It, Dude"
  • "Duh!"
  • "Oh Puh-lease!"

For more, see: Michelle's recurring phrases.


Michelle loves animals. She once brought home a pet rabbit, bought a goat, petted and said hi to a chickie, and in a season six episode, she and the other girls bring home a pig!

Stephanie Tanner


Stephanie often snoops on DJ.


  • "How Rude"
  • "Hot dog"
  • "Well, pin a rose on your nose"

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