Sea Cruise
Season 1, episode 5
Air date October 16, 1987
Writer(s) Russell Marcus
Director Tom Trbovich
Previous The Return of Grandma
Next Daddy's Home

Sea Cruise is episode five of first season of Full House. It was first broadcast on October 16, 1987.

The guys go on a sea cruise, where Danny does not catch a single fish. Jesse is mad at Roxanna, an old girlfriend of his. The reason is because she became famous.


The episode opens with D.J. officially "retiring" not only as Queen Bee, but from the Honeybees as a whole. In true fashion, she passes the crown—or in this case—antenna, onto Stephanie. Danny, Jesse, and Joey are videotaping the moment, and they have them do the secret Honeybee hello.

While the girls are staying home with their visiting grandmother, the guys decide to go out for a day of all male bonding, fishing on a yacht. It turns out that the captain of the yacht is a woman named Caroline (the granddaughter of their original Captain Jack), and there is also an all woman band on board the yacht, led by Jesse's former girlfriend Roxanne. Jesse is still angry because Roxanne's band, which Jesse put together for her, has made it big while Jesse and the Rippers are still playing dives, and Danny feels uncomfortable around Caroline because he is scared that he is becoming attracted to her at a time that he thinks is too soon after Pam's death to become attracted to another woman.

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