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Smash Club: The Next Generation
Season 7, episode 6
Smash club the next generation
Air date October 19, 1993
Writer(s) Carolyn Omine
Director John Tracy
Previous Fast Friends
Next High Anxiety
Smash Club: The Next Generation is episode six in season seven of Full House. It originally aired on October 19, 1993.

Opening Teaser

Outside in the backyard, Stephanie and Michelle are lying down on the lawn and looking at clouds in the sky, trying to figure out what shapes the clouds are in.


Jesse is shocked and excited when he discovers he has inherited The Smash Club from the late Buzz Markel, according to his will. Jesse and the Rippers played gigs at the Smash Club more than virtually any other band. However, the place has been closed down for the past couple of years. Jesse will become the owner only if he can reopen the club. If he can't do it, the club will be demolished and turned into a parking lot.

After receiving some ideas from Stephanie, D.J., Steve and Kimmy, who've never heard of such bands as {{WL|The Mamas and the Papas)), Sonny and Cher, or even Jefferson Airplane, Jesse decides to reopen the Smash Club as a place where anyone can come to hear cool new music from new bands, no age limit like the Smash Club had before (when people had to be 21 or older to get in), no alcoholic beverages, a good dance floor, and even good food.

Jesse and Joey head to the Smash Club, which is a mess. Jesse wants to clean up the place so he can get the loan he needs to reopen it. Eleanor Cook, a loan officer from the bank, shows up. After talking to Jesse, Eleanor believes that Jesse is unprepared because of the building not being up to code, so she turns Jesse down. Jesse tells her (as the inspirational music plays) that he is not a businessman or a "suit-and-tie" kind of guy, but the Smash Club is a place that not only fell into his lap and not only did he grow up with it, but is also close to his heart and he does not want to see it die. His plan was to renovate it, fix it up, and get it ready to introduce a whole new generation to great music. He thinks that families and their kids deserve a place to hang out that is "much better than behind a kitchen door" (from which the family's eavesdropping in on and have been since the meeting began).

Later, Jesse calls the bank and talks Eleanor into giving him another chance to get the loan. This time, Jesse does his best to learn as much as he can about building codes, fire codes and safety codes. After the second interview with Eleanor, Jesse is successful, and she approves him for the loan, which means that he can reopen the Smash Club, much to the audience's applause. It turns out that Eleanor worked as a cage-dancer named Ginger Snap at the club. And, like Jesse, she refuses to see the Smash Club get turned into a parking lot. She realizes that while he may not be code-smart, he's heart-smart, because he put his heart into the Smash Club when he put his music into it (as stated above).

After Eleanor leaves, the family bursts into the living room as recipients of Jesse's good news. D.J. decides that as soon as the Smash Club opens, she will be a waitress, with Joey adding some new comedy to rev and rile up the crowds. Becky decides there should be a karaoke night, Stephanie and Michelle want to help with decorations, and Danny decides thinks his singing talents should go well; so much so, he grabs an acoustic guitar and entertains the family with "Play That Funky Music". As they sing along with him, the rest of the family pitches in what they want to do and what part they will play in the club's success, as they head on upstairs to work on the preparations (and the audience applauds).

Meanwhile, Michelle tries to turn Nicky and Alex into her own personal servants, and then apologizes for doing so. Nicky and Alex accept her apology, and their bond becomes even stronger. Becky and Danny help Michelle realize that Nicky and Alex are also people, and they too should be treated with respect.

Speaking of Danny and Becky, when Danny receives the outfit for the sumo segment on the upcoming Wake Up, San Francisco, he finds it to be too small for him. In fact, when they arrive home, he complains of the pain he got from the wrestler.

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