Season 5, episode 17
Air date January 28, 1992
Writer(s) Dennis Rinsler & Marc Warren
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Crushed
Next Too Much Monkey Business

Spellbound is episode seventeen in season five of Full House. It originally aired on January 28, 1992.

Opening Teaser

D.J. begins to read "The Cat in the Hat" to Michelle for her bedtime story, but Michelle constantly interrupts her. D.J. figures out that Michelle's plan is to ask a question after every sentence so that it will take longer to read the story, and thus she can stay up longer.

Full House DJ Teaches Michelle to Read02:05

Full House DJ Teaches Michelle to Read


Stephanie has won a class spelling bee at school, and she is now in the finals for best speller in the fourth grade. At the finals, the spelling bee ends up narrowed down to two students – Stephanie and the "Human Dictionary" Davey Chu.

Stephanie is severely disappointed when Davey wins. Down but not out, she challenges him to an intensely personal rematch, one on one, this time in the Tanner house, with Danny being the judge. Once again, Davey wins, and Stephanie becomes even angrier, until Danny tells her that even if she loses at things sometimes, he is still proud of her for putting forth her best effort.

Meanwhile, Stephanie's success in spelling makes Michelle want to learn how to read, as Danny and D.J. teach her such; Danny suggesting she do more than just memorize from books; D.J. teaching about both long and short letter sounds in words, even silent letters to boot, and not just how to say the letters themselves as if words were spelled. However, Danny's system seems to be that of the spring-cleaning that he really loves: "A is for Ajax, B is for Brillo, "C is for Clorox, D is for Drano", etc., and D.J.'s strategy also fails as Michelle still doesn't understand silent letters. A struggling Michelle does her best to stay positive, but just when she is ready to quit, Jesse comes up with the perfect way to build up her confidence.

Also, Joey needs a piece of music to introduce cartoons on The Ranger Joe Show, and he talks Jesse into trying to write the piece of music that the show needs.

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