Star Search
Season 3, episode 6
Star search
Air date November 3, 1989
Writer(s) Kim Weiskopf
Director Bill Foster
Previous Granny Tanny
Next And They Call It Puppy Love

Star Search is episode six in season three of Full House. It originally aired on November 3, 1989.

Opening Teaser

In D.J. and Stephanie's bedroom, as Kimmy watches, both girls surprise Michelle with a tutu and tiara, which were actually both of theirs to begin with (D.J. first, then Stephanie). They tell her that now she is a ballerina and explain to her what a ballerina does. D.J. turns on a music box with a ballerina figure atop it, and it plays (appropriately enough) "Music Box Dancer". All three of them pirouette counterclockwise to the music box ballerina's clockwise direction, and as Kimmy watches, she remarks that she's glad that she took bowling lessons instead of ballet lessons.


The family watches a videotape from when Danny and Joey were in college, and on the tape, in addition to Danny showing off a photo of a much younger D.J. (which Stephanie thinks looks like her), Joey gave himself a deadline of one decade to be a successful comedian. The end of the ten-year deadline is now two weeks away. Danny surprises Joey with a chance to appear on Star Search, hosted by Ed McMahon.

To prepare for the big event, he practices starting outside, and slowly comes inside. When he finishes, Danny promises everyone to keep the "Star Search" surprise for Joey exactly that... a surprise. And in turn, everyone else promises Danny to keep it as such, including Stephanie. So much so, once Danny's words leave his lips, they all turn to Stephanie, who remarks, "How rude. I can keep a secret," as if they can't count on her to do that (reminiscent of Danny's surprise party in "The Big Three-O", where everyone else warned Stephanie to do such that time, because she broke the promise on his 29th birthday).

The next day, Stephanie brings in the mail, and the first piece she sees is the one with Ed McMahon's picture on it. But it's not the "Star Search" surprise, however; it's another one of Ed's endorsements: The $10 million grand prize sweepstakes from American Family Publishers.

That aside, Kimmy stops by with a piece of mail that was mistakenly delivered to her house, the surprise of all surprises, and that is that Joey is accepted as a contestant on the show, and he competes against defending champion Steve Oedekerk, who has already won a lot of times. Oedekerk wins yet again, leaving Joey feeling depressed about not being able to honor the ten-year deadline he set for himself, but Michelle lifts his spirits.


[In D.J. and Stephanie's bedroom...]
D.J.: Okay, Michelle, open your eyes.
Michelle: What is it?
D.J.: It's a tutu and a tiara. They were mine, and then I gave them to Stephanie.
Stephanie: And I'm passing them on to you. Now you're a ballerina.
Michelle: What is a ballerina?
D.J.: A ballerina is a girl that does beautiful dancing. Watch us.
[All 3 pirouette counterclockwise to the ballerina's clockwise direction]
Kimmy: [As she watches] I'm glad I took bowling lessons.


Joey's "Laverne & Joey" is a take on Laverne & Shirley.

The song that Stephanie, Michelle, and D.J. sing is "Tomorrow" from the Broadway musical Annie.

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