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Tanner's Island

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Tanner's Island
Season 3, Episode 1
Tanner's island123
Air Date September 22, 1989
Writer Jeff Franklin
Director Bill Foster
Previous Luck Be a Lady (Part 2)
Next Back to School Blues

Tanner's Island is the first episode of season three on Full House It originally aired on September 22, 1989.

Plot Summary

Danny takes the Tanners and his co-host Rebecca Donaldson to Hawaii in honor of their two year anniversary since becoming a family. Once there, however, Danny takes charge, being his usual controlling self, and marking all the families' activities together on what he calls a "Clipboard of Fun".

Among the various activities they do, he and the family decide to take an off-site trip to the Hawaiian island of Pua for a picnic and a Polynesian show. They stop for a rest on a (seemingly) deserted island, where Danny realizes he did not tie up the boat correctly, and (for now) the family is stranded. Meanwhile, Joey thinks he is seeing an attractive hula girl, and Jesse and Rebecca have an argument about Elvis Presley (Jesse's music idol), until they get over it in the end.

At the end, everyone sets aside their differences and builds a hut to stay in until they are found. That evening, Hawaiian inhabitants of the island find the gang and escort them to the Polynesian show on the other side of the island. It turns out that they really were on Pua, just the wrong side of it.

They end up dancing with everyone on the show. Joey, in fact, actually sees the hula girl he'd been imagining all day. They both decide to dance together. At the end, Rebecca speaks with one of the musicians, and they've decided to play "Rock-a-Hula" by Elvis Presley, with Jesse singing lead.

Running Gags

  • Stephanie keeps believing in the legendary Menehunes, but D.J. is the only non-believer
  • Joey keeps seeing the same Hawaiian girl
  • Jesse and Rebecca keep fighting about Elvis Presley


Danny: Okay. Joey had his turn for fun. Now I've scheduled us to study the history and culture of Hawaii.
Jesse: Where you takin' us? The Don Ho museum?

Jesse: Ahoy maties. Your skipper's been sailing all morning to a potato chip crumb.

Jesse: (quietly) First thing I like to say is... (lets his anger out as he snatches the clipboard) I HATE THIS CLIPBOARD OF FUN!!! (he tosses it into the sea) How... can a person... lose... a boat?!
Danny: It's not my fault. The rope must've slipped off the rope thingy.
Jesse: The "rope thingy"? Skipper! We're stuck! What're we gonna do?!
Joey: Well, if we were on "Gilligan's Island", the Professor would make a radio out of coconuts.
Jesse: Joey, this is no time for comedy. It's time to blame Danny.
Joey: Relax, Jesse. We have the rest of our lives to blame Danny. Right now, we need to keep things light and easy so the girls don't get scared. So I don't get scared.

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