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Tanner house (It can also be implied that Kimmy's house is the grey one on the right)

The Tanner house is the primary location of Full House and Fuller House. It is located at 1882 Gerard Street in San Francisco, California. Nine people (plus Comet) live there.


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Fuller House only:



Living room

Living room

The main room of the house, where the bulk of the action takes place. The room includes a living area, alcove, fireplace, television, a front door, and a staircase leading upstairs. Its window is on the lower left, as shown in random zoom-ups; however, the bulk of the zoom-ups are on the door.

Front Door

The entrance to the house. While the bulk of the zoom-ups on it at the beginning of most episodes suggest the action starts in the living room, the action could start in any room on the bottom floor.




Located next to the living room, it is where the family prepares meals and includes a dining area where they eat together. It also includes a stairway leading upstairs and downstairs, a back door leading to the porch, and a small laundry area for the washer and dryer. There are two entrances to the kitchen, the aforementioned entrance from the living room, and the other from the other side of the living room where the laundry area must be passed first.

The Girls' Room

In seasons 1–4, it is D.J. and Stephanie's room. In the season five episode, "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?", it becomes Stephanie and Michelle's room. It is exactly across from Jesse's/Joey's room, and is right next to the bathroom. In Fuller House, it becomes Jackson and Max's room. Its window is on the upper left.


D.J. and Stephanie's room (seasons 1–4)

Jesse's/Joey's Room

In seasons 1–4, it is Jesse's room. Prior to season one, it was Stephanie's room. In season five, it becomes Joey's room. It is exactly across from the girls' room. In Fuller House, it becomes Ramona's room. In the episode "Fuller House", after Jesse moves out, Stephanie moves back in temporarily.


Jesse's room (seasons 1–4)

Michelle's/D.J.'s Room

This is Michelle's room until the season five episode "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?", where Michelle moves across the hall and D.J. takes the room. It is exactly across from the bathroom. In Fuller House, it becomes Tommy's room. Its window is on the upper right.


Michelle's bedroom (season 1–4)

Danny's Room

Seen in only a few episodes, it has its own bathroom, a fireplace (in which you can hear what's going on in the living room, as revealed in "13 Candles") and is always neat and tidy. In Fuller House, it becomes D.J.'s room.


Danny's room


Seen in only a few episodes, Stephanie once tried making her bedroom in here, and D.J. and Stephanie accidentally dropped Danny's wedding ring into the sink. It is right next to the girls' room, and is exactly across from Michelle's/D.J.'s room.

Garage / Basement

Located under the kitchen, it was originally intended to be the garage, but in the season one episode "Joey's Place", it was turned into a bedroom for Joey. In the season four episode "Fuller House", it becomes Jesse's studio, complete with a red light, which, if illuminated, means that recording is in session and the room can't be entered until the light is off. In Fuller House, it becomes Stephanie's room.


First mentioned in "Our Very First Christmas Show", it first appeared in "Good News, Bad News". In "Fuller House" and "The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang", Jesse (with the help of Joey) recreates it into a living area for Jesse and Rebecca, and later Nicky and Alex. In Fuller House, it becomes Kimmy's room.

Staircases / Hallway

It is usually used as a transitioning for a scene.


Located outside the Tanner house, but is still on property.


  • Real address is 1709 Brodrick Street. On December 1, 2016, series creator Jeff Franklin bought the house for $4 million.[1] This led to some concerns among the neighbors about the growing tourist activity there. However, that didn't stop the cast from visiting and reminiscing about their time there as a fictional TV family.[2]
  • The phone number for the house is 555-2424, as revealed by Michelle in the episode "The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang"


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