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Terror in Tanner Town
Season 4, episode 10
Terror in tanner town
Air date November 23, 1990
Writer(s) Boyd Hale
Director Joel Zwick
Previous One Last Kiss
Next Secret Admirer

Terror in Tanner Town is episode ten in season four of Full House. It originally aired on November 23, 1990.

Opening Teaser

Becky tries to get Jesse to wear a top hat and tails for the wedding. Michelle is there for this moment, but Jesse isn't sure about this.


Danny wants his girlfriend, Cindy, who is divorced and has a son named Rusty, to meet the family, but she is nervous about introducing Rusty to everyone, and the reasons for that are clear when she brings him over for lunch. Danny has the family come to the living room, lines them up, and tells them that the lunch means a lot to him, and he really likes Cindy. Before they arrive, everyone except Danny sings "Do-Re-Mi" from The Sound of Music. When they do so, Danny introduces them. During lunch, she gets a call from the laundromat she owns. Danny talks to Rusty and asks him what he likes, and he responds with "To be honest Mr. Tanner, I'm kind of a loner."

Jesse then asks Joey to pass the salt. When Jesse tips it onto his plate, the lid comes off and his plate is covered with it. He blames Joey. Cindy comes back to the table, saying she needs to go to the laundromat. She offers to take Rusty with her, but Danny insists that he stay with them. When she leaves, Michelle asks Joey to pour her some milk. He starts to pour it into her glass, but it gets onto the table. Danny stands up to get a towel to clean it up; however, he pulls the tablecloth, which is tucked into his pants, off along with everyone's food and drinks. Everyone suspects Joey, who says that he had never put anything down Danny's pants. Then, when everyone looks at him as if he were lying, Joey then responds with "once, at the Sizzler." Michelle then says, "Daddy, I wasn't finished."

Upstairs in D.J. and Stephanie's room, Rusty admits to pulling the pranks at lunch, along with giving them trick gum that turns their teeth black. Throughout the day, he pulls a number of pranks on the Tanners, such as feeding Comet a rump roast while D.J. and Stephanie are bathing him, taping over Joey's comedy tape with a show of his own creation (which he calls "Rustyvision"), making Danny fall into a mud puddle while tossing the football around, locking Jesse, Becky, D.J., and Stephanie in their rooms by tying a rope on both rooms' doorknobs, getting a black circle painted around Michelle's eye from looking into a kaleidoscope, and putting green dye in Danny's shampoo before he takes his shower.

Danny learns that the reason why Rusty had been pulling all those pranks was in hopes of breaking Danny and Cindy up, because he wants her to reunite with his father. Danny tells him that he can relate, because his parents divorced too, and it hurts that they are not together.

For payback as being victims of the rope-on-the-doorknobs prank, the girls turn the tables on Rusty as he enjoys a root beer float, and spray him with whipped cream (as the audience laughs and applauds, and the EP credits appear).

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