The Big Three-O
Season 1, episode 11
The big three-o
Air date December 11, 1987
Writer(s) Gene Braunstein & Bob Perlow
Director Howard Storm
Previous Joey's Place
Next Our Very First Promo

The Big Three-O is episode eleven of the first season of Full House. It originally aired on December 11, 1987.


Danny is turning 30 years old, and he says he does not want any surprises. But they end up throwing a surprise party for him anyway. At breakfast, Joey warns Stephanie that she had better not spill the beans, as she did so when he turned 29 (about a year before the series began), as pointed out by D.J. Stephanie then remarks that she was only 4 years old at the time (she's 5 now). She then asks how much is "the big three-O", and he demonstrates using the cereal box, and his entire bowl is full of Oatsies (the cereal). Then, Jesse brings in Michelle, the "Goodyear Birthday Blimp" (see Trivia), and he remarks that he had to take a couple of balloons off her, because "she was being picked up by radar".

Then Danny comes down, and they surprise him with the greeting, but he says he does not turn "the big three-O" until 8:15 PM, and it is now 8:20 PM. The surprise gift is from all three girls, "D.J., Stephanie and Michelle's Coupon Book", where the older girls will volunteer to change Michelle's diapers and give his car, Bullet, a free car wash! He remarks that he bought Bullet a decade ago for his 20th birthday. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and it is another surprise gift: A limo ride, and the girls even get to ride in it to school!

And Jesse and Joey decide to come up with a surprise of their own: Jesse volunteers to go get seat covers for Bullet. And later, despite Danny's objections, they have a surprise party for him.

Danny eventually gets a huge surprise: his car rolls into the San Francisco Bay, much to the shock of the audience. It was all Jesse's fault because of where he was when he was shopping for Danny's present. When Danny sees it for himself, he just takes it as if it were nothing.

But, Jesse and Joey come together and end up getting him a new car as a surprise and apologize. Danny decides that it is time for a gift to the family: the first ride in his brand new car, as The Beatles' hit "Drive My Car" plays throughout.

Like in the opening credits, the ending starts with a close-up of Michelle (see Trivia) and then fades to a zoom-out to the Golden Gate Bridge (which continues into the EP credits).


D.J.: [taking a picture of Danny and Jesse hugging at the party with a Polaroid camera]: We'll call this the "before" picture.

D.J.: [taking a picture of the totaled "Bullet" with the Polaroid camera] We'll call this the "after" picture.

Danny: [to Michelle] What does Mr. Car say? You're right, he doesn't say anything – because he's dead.


When Danny takes the family out for a ride in the new car, it uses the image of Michelle wearing sunglasses from the closing credits.

Jesse's "Goodyear Birthday Blimp" is a take on the famous Goodyear Blimp, usually seen at major league sporting events.

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