The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang
Season 4, episode 21
The hole-in-the-wall gng
Air date March 1, 1991
Writer(s) Craig Heller & Guy Schulman
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Fuller House
Next Stephanie Plays the Field

The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang is episode twenty-one in season four of Full House. It originally aired on March 1, 1991.

Full House Clips - The Hole in the Wall Gang03:34

Full House Clips - The Hole in the Wall Gang

Opening Teaser

Michelle helps Joey move all his stuff into Jesse's old room, thus making it his new room. He entertains Michelle with his Popeye doll and both sing "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man" and even do the Popeye laugh.


Eight-year-old Stephanie wants to be just like D.J., so she starts dressing like her, and even acting like her. D.J. is getting ready to go to the food court of a local mall with Kimmy. When D.J. notices Stephanie coming back into her room with her box of stuff (after sleeping in her "old room" that eventually became Jesse's, as he moved out last time), she can't believe she has to go back to "sharing a room with an 8-year-old again", to which Stephanie replies, "Believe it, babe!" Stephanie thinks that Kimmy and D.J. are playing "makeup". Kimmy asks her to go watch Sesame Street, which Stephanie says she does not watch, and adds that it does not come on until 4:00 pm. Older sister reminds younger sister that they don't play "makeup", they wear it. She again reminds her roommate, since she's back, to remember the rules she set in the series premiere and keep her "baby stuff" on her side of the room. However, Stephanie says she has no "baby stuff", but when she cuddles one of her dolls too close to her, it utters out "Ma-ma" (in a baby-like voice), which shocks everyone in the room, especially D.J., who doesn't believe her and suggests otherwise. She asks her sister, "You were saying?" But instead of answering D.J.'s question, Stephanie has a question of her own for the doll: "You couldn't keep your mouth shut?"

Later, after Stephanie redecorates her side of the room, Michelle comes in, with her little kiddie shopping cart. When Stephanie asks her what she thinks, all she can say is, "Eh." Stephanie offers her younger sister her dolls, stuffed animals, puppy poster, and pretty much all of her "little kid stuff", because she is almost a teenager. But what is not leaving the room is the "little kid TV" that sits on Stephanie's side (but is for both her and D.J. to watch). When Kimmy and D.J. enter and see what Stephanie has done in terms of redecoration, they are speechless. But in terms of clothing and hairstyles, they are in utter shock and disbelief, as are Becky and Danny when they enter. They don't know that the two sisters are now dressed alike and have the same hairstyle, and Becky points out her older sister hated it when Becky herself dressed up like her.

As part of her mall trip, D.J. wants to wear something "fun", so she, Kimmy, Stephanie, and Michelle head to Danny's bedroom, where D.J. starts looking for something to wear from his closet. After accusing each other as to who is really dressing like who, Stephanie tries to do the same thing, but when D.J. tries to stop her, they end up accidentally pulling out the rod that his shirts are hung on and causing Michelle's mouth to drop wide open and then tell them, "You're in big trouble, mister!" D.J. and Stephanie argue over who is going to put the rod back in the closet. When D.J. tells Stephanie to let go of the rod, she does – which sends the rod right into the wall, putting a hole in it. That is when Kimmy goes home.

After they ask Michelle to stare at the wall while they think of a solution, the girls go to the attic, where Jesse is renovating it, and he is not letting Joey do anything to help him. After Jesse explains how to fix a hole in a wall – not knowing why they want to know – D.J. and Stephanie sneak some supplies out of the attic. After that, an embarrassing mishap with his new Murphy bed forces Jesse to realize that he should accept help from Joey whenever he needs it, instead of trying to do it by himself.

In Danny's room, D.J. and Stephanie fix the hole by filling up the hole with paint that already matches that of the wall, move the dresser over to cover it up, put the rod back in Danny's closet and hang everything back up before Danny gets home from work, and ask Michelle to stall his arrival, and she does so by having a conversation with him the minute he gets home and it continues as they head upstairs, and she takes it a step further by memorizing their phone number (555-2424), and even doing it again, this time, with her eyes closed!

When Danny enters his room and sees the girls, they then try to come up with a "song and dance" to convince Danny that they are not in trouble in any way, shape, or form; once Danny comes home, they sing and dance right in front of him. They continue singing it as they head to their room, with Michelle following right behind them and singing along, which surprises them as much as her entrance. She exits the room, singing.

Later, D.J. talks to Stephanie, who finally realizes how annoying she can really be when she tries to be like her older sister, and D.J. assures Stephanie that she will be a really cool teenager in a few years; but for now, she asks her roommate to stick to being a really cool kid. Suddenly, Michelle returns to their room dressed up like them (and using a wig to match the hairstyles), causing both to pass out on Stephanie's bed and Michelle to mimic them. Later, as Danny catches up on the two roommates and Michelle, he requests an encore of that "song and dance" they did when he got home and his wish is granted by them all, and he even sings along with them.


Danny: How do you time these things? Do you have a surveillance camera in my bathroom?

Joey: You know Jess, I can handle a lot more responsibility. Even Pat lets Vanna spin the Wheel once in a while.

[D.J. and Kimmy come in and see that Stephanie has not only redecorated her side of the room, but is also dressed and looking like D.J.]
D.J.: Oh, Mylanta.
Stephanie: Hello, ladies.
Kimmy: Look, Deej. It's your evil mini-twin.


  • When Stephanie tells D.J. that Danny "sees us when we're sleeping, he knows when we're awake", it is a reference to a line from "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"
  • Joey's remark of Pat Sajak letting Vanna White spin the Wheel on Wheel of Fortune has occurred at least once
  • An outtake from the episode features John Stamos goofing up his line regarding the plumbing in the attic, confusing water lines with power lines


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