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The Return of Grandma

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The Return of Grandma
Season 1, Episode 4
Air Date October 9, 1987
Writer Russell Marcus
Director Joel Zwick
Previous The First Day of School
Next Sea Cruise

The Return of Grandma is episode four of the first season of Full House.

Plot Summary

When Grandma Tanner visits the Tanner house and realizes that it is so messy, she invites Joey's and Jesse's mothers to come over as well. The guys' mothers threaten to move in unless the house gets clean.

Guest Star

  • Beverly Sanders as Mindy Gladstone


  • This is Alice Hirson's last appearance as Claire Tanner. She was later replaced by Doris Roberts in the season three episode "Granny Tanny".
  • Jesse's mother Irene was first played by Rhoda Gemignani before being replaced by actress Yvonne Wilder.
  • Danny is shown as not caring about cleaning here. In retrospect, this can be a sign of depression, which is quite common for a person who has lost a spouse especially the way Danny did. This is borne out further by his obsession with it later, as if he uses it to try and fill the gap left by Pam's death.
  • At one point in the episode, an audience member can be heard saying "Turtle".
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