The Seven-Month Itch (Part 2)
Season 1, episode 20
The seven-month itch part 2
Air date March 18, 1988
Writer(s) Story by: Rob Edwards & Russell Marcus
Teleplay by: Lenny Ripps & Kim Weiskopf
Director Russ Petranto
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The Seven-Month Itch (Part 2) is episode twenty of season one of Full House. It originally aired on March 18, 1988.


Picking up from where we left off, the Tanner girls are extremely upset when Danny tells them that Uncle Jesse has left. He then excuses them from the room so he can privately discuss Jesse's note with Joey. After the discussion, Joey comes up with a pretty lame excuse for Jesse's "vacation" (see Quotes).

The next morning, Joey makes pancakes for everyone's breakfast. While they all agree that the pancakes aren't the same way that Jesse makes them, they still criticize Joey's attempts (Stephanie finds hers to be soupy in the middle, D.J. finds hers to be hard as a rock, and Michelle finds hers to be bland). Then, the phone rings. On the other end is Jesse, who's staying at a log cabin in Tahoe. They all take turns talking to him before he gets back to business, and that's entertaining his friends.

Back at home, in her and Stephanie's room, D.J. is having a tough time adjusting to guitar lessons with Danny subbing for Jesse as her teacher. On the other hand, Stephanie moves her stuff into Jesse's room (her old room) while he's gone, and even enlists the help of both her older and younger sisters.

Before long, however, the girls have concocted a scheme to bring Jesse back. Unfortunately, this scheme involves a series of flat-out lies—including one that throws Jesse into a panic and the rest of the household into utter chaos. That lie is that Michelle has a cold, and that she's coughing real bad.

Over at the cabin, Jesse is still entertaining his friends when he gets the trick phone call. Then, after an image montage of all of his happy moments with Michelle since the series premiere, he abandons his friends and heads home.

Back home, Danny and Joey are playing basketball in the living room when Jesse makes his return, and they fill him in on the trick phone call about Michelle being sick.

He angrily explains that ever since he's been out of high school, he's done what he's wanted, whenever he wanted, and with whomever he wanted. He's had no one to answer to or worry about but himself, so he took off to find that guy. Then he gets the trick phone call and rushes home, only to be indeed tricked.

As he's about to leave again, Danny and Joey stop him and make him realize that that call should serve as a reminder as to how he's been there for the girls. Joey says that he hasn't lost anything by moving in, and what he's gained is simple: Whenever Michelle was sick, he'd be there to take care of her. Joey asks why he came back when he got the call, and the answer was simple: he cares about her, and even cared about her before moving in.

They tell him that before he moved into the house the girls were just his nieces, stopping by about four times each year to give them their birthday and Christmas presents. Danny thinks that Jesse forgetting about the past 7 months is a mistake, and Jesse realizes that the girls really love him, and he also realizes that being part of the family is filling an empty space in his heart that he didn't realize was there before. Joey and Danny tell him they can make it work, and let him take a few days off from raising the girls--but on the condition that they stay out of his room.

And speaking of which, Stephanie's asleep in there and doesn't even know that her uncle's home until he opens the door and finds her. She calls for her sister and they reunite with him, saying their plan worked. He explains the obvious that he returned home because he missed them as much as he missed Michelle, and even "pinky swears" to Stephanie that he'll never leave again.

And speaking of Michelle, she's asleep in her crib when he comes in with one of Stephanie's teddy bears for comfort. He chats with her about his time away from home with Samantha. Then after getting the call, he realizes he couldn't abandon his "little Munchkin", and will always be there for her from here on out. He gives her a goodnight kiss and says he loves her.

The seven month itch part 2


[In Jesse's bedroom...]
D.J.: Where's Uncle Jesse?
Danny: Girls, if you'll excuse us for a brief moment, I have to talk to Joey privately about this note that I wrote myself reminding me to talk to Joey privately about this note that I wrote. [They leave.]
Joey: What are we gonna say to the girls?
Danny: Joey, this is a delicate situation. It's a father kind of moment. You better let me handle it.
Joey: And what do you want me to do?
Danny: Just play dumb.
Joey: How do I do that?
Danny: Perfect. [The girls return.] Oh, hi. You're back.
Stephanie: Did Uncle Jesse go somewhere?
Danny: Girls, your father has something to say. Your Uncle Jesse has gone on a little...vacation.
D.J.: Where?
Danny: Where? You saw him last. Tell them, Joey.
Joey: Okay, Father. Girls, your Uncle Jesse went on vacation to the desert. And why, you ask? Because he loves the hot sand and he loves the burning sun. Bottom line: Your Uncle Jesse loves to sweat.
D.J.: I thought he loved going to the beach.
Joey: Well, the desert is all beach.

Guest star

Chelsea Noble played Samantha (shown in photo). She later became the sister-in-law of Candace Cameron. For more information, see Part 1.


  • The first time that Jesse mentions moving out (The second time is in the episode "Fuller House"; both also apply to Stephanie moving back into her old room as a result, and as such each sister having her own room for the time being)
  • Danny's remark about Joey "spinning straw into gold" during their basketball game in the living room, is from the plot to "Rumpelstiltskin"
  • Joey's remark of "Lassie's coming home?" and Jesse's reply of such comes from the "Lassie, come home!" quote from the film Lassie


When Jesse is thinking about Michelle, a clip is shown from a later episode, "D.J. Tanner's Day Off". This says that "D.J. Tanner's Day Off" was filmed before "The Seven Month Itch", but aired after.