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The Wedding (Part 1)

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The Wedding (Part 1)
Season 4, Episode 18
The wedding 1
Air Date February 8, 1991
Writer Joel Zwick
Director Jeff Franklin
Previous A Fish Called Martin
Next The Wedding (Part 2)

The Wedding (Part 1) is episode eighteen of season four of Full House. It originally aired on February 8, 1991.


Jesse meets Becky's parents and struggles to connect with his future father-in-law. His nervousness at the upcoming nuptials causes him to perform a risky stunt only hours before the walk down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Danny and Joey get their suit pants mixed up, and Becky's mother walks in on the exchange.

Elsewhere, Michelle and Howie are reunited, but do not remember each other, and quickly form a dislike for one another because they must share a bedroom, and they go through a phase of dislike for the opposite sex.

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